5/6 Hoop Time

On the 20th of August 2012 5/6 students from all different schools came to compete in this fun filled event called Hoop Time the kids from Berwick Lodge did very well in this event in fact i think that pretty much every team from berwick lodge made it in to the grand final i was in ALL STAR boys which is the top team like there is rookies 1, 2, 3 and there is future stars 1 and 2 and there is All Star boys/girls both All Star boy and girl team won the grand final and made through to regional which was exiting for me and for everyone else. Hopfully we will dominate in regional and make to the grand final and WIN!!! wish us our luck bye.

written by Zac

buddy books

for the past few days all of the grade 6 students have been creating picture story books for their buddys. what we had to do was go to their class and gather infomation about their buddy like what there favrout food is and things like that and then wite a picture story book abous them. some of the buddy books are very good and i think there buddys will like them. we are wrighting  these books to help our buddys learn to read and we hope they love them.

buddies Imagin

For the past few weeks prep s and 6w have been working on there buddy body parts.

We have been traceing our buddies outline and then putting all there body part where they belong.They have also been labeling there body parts and locating them on there actual body.

Prep S have been enjoying this mimi project with 6W.


Buddy Books

In class we are writting books for our buddys. I am sharing a buddy with Emma, my book is about thing she likes  and Dora the Explora is in the book . My buddy really likes her. I hope she likes my book, the book is reslly fun and we can do it in the class room or at home.

We have to finish it by Friday i can’t wait to show her

buddy book

In 6W we have all been making books for our prep buddies.

My book is about a monkey called Harvey, he loves bananas but one day all of them vanish.

Harvey is on a mission to find all of the bananas but he finds out that is was his sister after all.

Most of us have worked really hard on these books so we hope our prep buddies enjoy them.

John Lindsay

On the 22 nd of August  a paralympian came to our school and he competed in athletics. He had spina bifida where he couldn’t walk, he was in 3 paralympic games.

It took him 7 times to get the right wheelchair and they were gloves and they punch the wheels to go. The 2 back wheels are pumped up to 200 psi and the small wheel at the front is 150 psi.

I thought that he was really good but he had lots of accidents one of them is he dislocated his shoulder and had to race the next day. When he raced he got a gold and he got lots of medals he was playing basketball when he was young but till he got to the age of 16, at 16 athletics was becoming popular sport so he went to Western Australia to play.