Arthur Galan Interview

6W’s radio show 2 (who are Kav, Jayden, Ava, Bailey, Luke and Yasmin) interviewed Arthur Galan. Arthur Galan is a famous Australian fashion designer. He talked us about his life and career. Arthur started his brand in 1998, with his self-titled label (Arthur Galan AG) Arthur designs very sophisticated Men’s and women’s clothing. Arthur Galan has successfully 22 stores.

# 2 Interview With Tipperary

Hello listeners this is the interview with Tipperary Station School from a radio show not long ago. This is a follow up interview about being a leader and what a captain really is. Their whole school only has 6 people, all around the age of 8 so they did a great job. The people that did the interview were Jayden, Yasmin, Bailey, Luke, Kav, Ava.   Hope you enjoy.