Book Bag

On the 22nd of August we had our Book Bag expo. I did The Hobbit it’s a great book you  sued reed it. I like all of the book that everyone did if you look at more post you will see more of the  Book Bags. It was a great day.

Book Show Bag Expo

On the 22nd of August we had a Book Show Bag Expo. I chose to do the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days. Also we had a comments sheet and I had to get a new page because the other one got filled to the bottom. I had lots of fun and I got to share a table with Gemma who did Dork Diaries. I thought her book was really good.

Book Showbags expo

    On the 22 of Augustwe had our book project expo I did Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone my Front cover is on the left. It was really cool to    have other grades come and look and comment on our projects. The expo started at 2:00 and ended at 4:00. I couldn’t stay after school because I had a Netball game but I still got to stay till 3:30. We had optional and conpulsery task but we only had to  do at least  1 optional task. The tasks I chose to do were front cover, blurb, charactor cards, authors information,significant scene, wordsearch, venn diagram, questions and dictionary. We started the book bags on the 16th of July.