5 Ways Minecraft is Educational.

Hey guys, I was challenged to find 5 ways the hit game Minecraft was educational, so I have come up with them. I assure you that they are my own ideas, but they are similar to many other ones. Enjoy! 😀

  1. Minecraft was originally made by one person, Markus Persson. It has a very diverse history and it is good for kids to explore and research its creation, development versions etc.
  2. It can be used to provide an online classroom, one that kids can access no matter wherever they are, home, school or the other side of the world. It has many ways to create written logs. It includes editable books and a language selector, so you don’t have to speak English to play, teach or learn from it.
  3. It can be used to teach architectural, structural, building and construction skills. There are many different blocks in the world of Minecraft. Most of them are realistic, and look like the real artifact.
  4. It teaches students mathematical concepts in a fun way e.g. Your hunger bar has ten levels on it, with 0 being starved and 10 being full. If 1 steak piece fills 3 1/2 levels, how many steak would you have to eat to be full, assuming you start on 0 levels?
  5. It can teach students how to communicate online in a safe environment, while still having fun communicating with other people on the internet. It also lets teachers monitor every word said in the classroom.

Well, hope that makes everyone reading see Minecraft in a new light. If you have a reason I forgot or disagree, feel free to comment. Well, that’s all for now. See you all next time. Bye! 😀