Every Tuseday, Wednesday and Thursday most of the grades participate in some fun zumba sessions in the court yard run by Mrs Montgomery, Ashtuthi and Dahlia. A special thanks from all the grades to Ashtuthi and Dahlia for teaching us all of the moves that we do!

Zumba in the Mornings.

For some odd reason students are now choosing to participate in a program called ‘Zumba’. I do not know what the appeal of this ‘Zumba’ is but it seems to mix excercise and dance. I believe that reading is still an alternative and personally think that students who do not wish to do ‘Zumba’ should be able to read. Books FTW


Off the grid lifestyle……

Hi everyone having fun getting our 37 foot motor home ready for the big adventure.

We have been getting to know our solar system and tank water capacity. Its alot of fun working with mum and dad and designing it our way. We have made a set of bunks and a double bed. Now it really feels like home.
I cant wait to get on the road and keep everyone updated on our journey…

have fun everyone.

India Project

About 4 weeks ago the grade 6 classes started an India Project. We have to research about India and learn more things to include into our project.

For the project we have to do a brocure about India, we can do the brocure either by our selves or with a partner. We also got into groups and each group is working on a particular part of India. Some of the groups are food, popular sport, Indian animals, history and more.

My group is working on the food. We will be making Indian foods and will be sharing it with everyone that comes to the class. The sport group is making a hockey ground because the national sport is Hockey. The animal group is making a forest and making some Indian animals to include into it.

The Expo is on the 1st of April which is very soon, so hopefully they are fooling us on April Fools Day, and making it later on in the month.

District Netball

On Monday the 17th of March 2014 3 berwick lodge students got to go to District netball to try out. it was very challenging but I did pretty well. I really enjoyed trying out and we have another try out  next Monday. All we had to do was play a couple games and they would see how well you play.

My favourite part was playing the games because there was a lot of great students. I really like it because I like a challenge. It was such a great experience and I hope I get in. If you get in then you have to try out more and after all the try outs you go to state netball.


File:Sports portal bar icon.png

Chinese New Year

Berwick Lodge Primary School all dressed in a shade of red to celebrate a happy Chinese New Year on fridat with there lanterns lit and every one was having Fun.

Berwick Lodge was enjoying being with their buddys while walking around showing there great creative skills like latins and all kinds of cardboard /paper dragons with sheets  and different colours in the air it was a great day for Berwick Lodge.IMG_1710

Prep Meeting

A few weeks ago 6W went to prep Q and we got to meet are buddies and we spent most the time talking and telling each other a bit about are self and then we had to colour in a prep buddy bear than was at the beach. we had lots of fun and we stayed there for about thirty minutes and then we had to leave.. P.S the preps are so cute and small!


Arthur Galan Interview

6W’s radio show 2 (who are Kav, Jayden, Ava, Bailey, Luke and Yasmin) interviewed Arthur Galan. Arthur Galan is a famous Australian fashion designer. He talked us about his life and career. Arthur started his brand in 1998, with his self-titled label (Arthur Galan AG) Arthur designs very sophisticated Men’s and women’s clothing. Arthur Galan has successfully 22 stores.

# 2 Interview With Tipperary

Hello listeners this is the interview with Tipperary Station School from a radio show not long ago. This is a follow up interview about being a leader and what a captain really is. Their whole school only has 6 people, all around the age of 8 so they did a great job. The people that did the interview were Jayden, Yasmin, Bailey, Luke, Kav, Ava.   Hope you enjoy.