Drug Education.


For the past four weeks we were doing a program called Drug Education. It was about making a informed decision for when we get offered drinks and other drugs that will do different damages to you. These are the things we did.

On week one we…                                                                                                                                        

Named all the good and bad drugs and discussed the damages of most of them and we also discussed the different reasons why these drugs would be prescribed to the public and why people make their own drugs and sell them to people.

Week Two…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

We talked about the different hats and we were divided into groups and we where to talk about the different hats were be set different tasks and we would be asked questions, make up catch phrases, and talk about the different feelings that the drugs and drinking will do to you.

Week Three…                       

Was about smoking and we had to make a poster about the physical and internal damages that can do to you if you smoke to excess. We also watched some adds about the damages smoking can do. We also were told that the posters would be put around the school and mine is in the Library.

Week Four Final week…

On the last week we talked about the side effects of some drugs and how they can effect your everyday life. Anyway I liked doing Drug Education and I know the different drugs and the good and bad choices.


By Ruby



Making the Film Festival Movie Zero

When we had to make our film festival movie about the book zero we spent a lot of timje on the computersw and a lot of time in the L.E.E.P room. I was the audio editor and I was also the number eight in the photo story. It took a long time to get everything done but i’m sure everything turned out right when it was showed on the night. Unfortunatly I didn’t get to go on the night but I did get a trophie and some other people did get some as well. The other people in my class who got an award were: Josh.D, Aimee, Chantelle, Nick, Lachlan, Chloe and Gemma. The hardest part about movie making was when I was editing the audio the we had recorded and it took me 2 days to finish!

I really enjoyed making the movie for Film Festival!



Camp Coonawarra grade 5/6

On the 19th of June to the 21st of June some grade 5/6 grades went on school camp. The camp was called Camp Coonawarra. Our instructer’s name was Teagan and she had a dog named buddy. He was so cute! But the first activity I did was the ropes course there was the low ropes and the high ropes I was a bit scared to do the high ropes but I did them anyway. The next activity I did was my favourite one of all the activity’s it was horse riding.

My horses name was bison and he was a really good horse but he took me through a bush once or twice. When we woke up the nextday we did the giant swing and I almost went all the way to the top! The activity my group did next was canoing and you had to walk into the water so it was knee deep and then you could hop in the canoe and we all got so wet! It was so annoying but then we did the flying fox it was so cool, I wanted to do it again but there waser’t any time for a second go.

We did Archery and i was the first one to hit the target but I didn’t get a bulls eye. I really enjoyed camp and the last two activity’s we did on friday were hut building and damper making.

I had so much fun at camp!

Buddy Day

A few weeks ago we had a buddy day with our buddy’s from 3M. We could wear purple and we spend the middle session and the end session of the day doing activity’s with our buddy’s.

The first activity that we did together was that we were in a circle and we were holding hands and we had a holler hoop in the middle of every few people.

What we had to do was we had to keep holding hands and try to get though the holler hoop without letting go.

In the last session we all had Krispy Kreme donuts and chocolate milk and then the day was over.

The First Fleet


Dear Diary the date: August 1787,

Ok I just want to say I totally regret stealing that yummy juicy meat even though it was worth it.


Life here on the boat sucks I took a bite out of my meat and there were maggots in it plus it was rotten! And my room is terrible because one of the reasons why are is that there is a terrible smell. Oh wait I guess that’s just the toilet right outside the door!


All night I hear “No stop it PUNCH!” I can barely hear myself think  at day time because I hear the other convicts being seasick.


I feel like killing myself so I don’t have to worry about anything anymore. The captain is sooo mean he just nags and nags and nags until you do what he wants you to do and even then he won’t stop. We still have 6 months to go so I’m not getting off any time soon so I will just have to suck it up and soldier on.

We don’t see the light of day very much because we have to stay down in the dark, depressing and scary cabin, and that is scary for a woman! Oh oh got to go the captain is coming! 

Signing out,


Student Blogging Challenge

1. Art is one of favourite topic’s to do for this challenge because I have always loved all types of art. It is fun when you do it, because you can create whatever you want like a cartoon or realistic.

2. Also another topic is tennis, I love to play tennis because my mum used to play.  Now I have followed in her footsteps and I love to play it now just like she does.

3.  Science is another thing I am inerested in because my family we watch a TV show called muthbusters and I love all experiments that they do because some are small and some are masive but for my birthday I got one of their experiment kits and I have still not done it but I hope to make it soon.http://dsc.discovery.com/tv-shows/mythbusters

4. I love to play in my tree house because my Dad also put a Firemen pole in,  my sister and I have so much fun when we play in the treehouse because we have a huge black board in it.

5.  Guitar is another thing that I like to do because my Dad also used to play the guitar and now I have started lessons at school with some friends  so I don’t feel   awkward.http://www.kidsguitarzone.com/

6.  Riding my bike is an other thing that I do with my family sometimes and we go down too the school and we ride on the basketball courts and in the court yards and we have so much fun and we go really fast as well.

7.  Also I love to read books as well, I love to read chapter books and all other types of  books but like to read a series of books because it takes longer to finish it and it makes more interesting and fun.8. Gardening is another thing I like to do outside when it’s not raining but when I get the chance to I love to plant all different kinds of big and small plants.

9. Playing on my Ipad is probably one of the most favourite things I like to do in  my spare time and what I like to do on it is download apps, watch music videos, play minecraft, update my blog! The list is endless!

10. Keeping my own pets is another one of my hobbies. What I have right know is two goldfish that my sister named Spounge Bob and Patrick. They are very well behaved because they don’t do much but swim around!



Student Blogging Challenge 6 Digital Footprints

I think it is important to be careful on the Internet because you don’t always know who is on the other end.Especially if you are on Facebook or Twitter because if you don’t set it on private everyone can see it.

I am not on any of the above but if I was I would only be friends with the people that I know face to face. I agree to be a good citizen on the computer on not be friends with people I don’t know face to face.

I think it is good to post positive things on the Internet because of cyber bullying.