India Project

About 3 weeks ago 6W and all of the other grade 6 classes started an India project where we find a lot of information about India and then put it all in one brochure.

Then we had an idea of creating an expo so we thought about and now we are working on an expo and it is going to be held on the 1st of April. My group consists of Yasmin, Josh B, Dimitra and myself. Each group got to do a different subject and our group chose to do food. We are going quite well so come along and have some fun, eat some food and play some games!

Harmony Day

On the 21st of March it’s Harmony Day. The theme this years is everybody belongs. It’s about celebrating our similarities and it’s about recognising our differences. It’s a day to celebrate Australia’s happiness. Our school is having a parade on the 21st. Students are meant to wear culture clothing or orange. I can’t wait, it is going to be so fun!


National Young Leaders Day

Attending National Young Leaders Day was great fun. It wasn’t your normal conference. There were activities such as asking the speakers questions about their leadership roles, big beach ball throwing and much more. My favourite speaker was Daniel Flynn. Daniel started ‘Thankyou Water’. This company donated all their profits to villages in third world countries so they could start a clean water program. Now his company supporting over 100 projects in many countries such as Kenya, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Another speaker was Jessica Fox. She is a 17 year old Australian Olympian who won a silver medal in the 2012 London Olympics canoe slalom. She said that she had juggle her studies and sport. In the end, she got a good score in her VCE test and did well in the slalom race because she took initiative which is a part of being a good leader.

Kevin Sheedy also spoke to us about his career as one of the AFL’s most important people. A player and coach over five decades, he has been a leader to many people.

It was a great a day.

National Young Leaders Day



On the 24th of Feb, all the leaders of Melbourne went to The National Young Leaders Day at the Melbourne convention centre. Leaders from Berwick Lodge went to the train station at 7 am and got on the train.Once we got there we got a great spot at the front and we were ready for the show to begin. Many leaders spoke like Mike Matin. Who is the executive director of the Halogen Foundation. He’s main point was nothing great, cool or long lasting ever starts out that way. I think he’s point meant that successes needs to be earn from hard work.

Next speaker was John Marsden who is an author. He’s written many great books like Tomorrow when the war began. He’s main point was ( speak like YOU, never use any expression that you have seen or used before). He also said language has no rules, it’s like play dough you can stretch it.

It was a really great and FUN day and we all learnt a lot about how to make us a better person and leader.

By Yasmin


Yasmin’s Divisonal Swimming

On the 12th of March 7 students from Berwick Lodge Primary School went to Noble Park swimming pool to compete in the Divisonal swim races. The students that went were, Brodie, Daniel, Blake, Joel ( the relay team) and John  who did breaststroke, Liam  who did freestyle and butterfly, also Blake did freestyle and backstroke and I did freestyle and backstroke.

The day started by driving there with butterflys in our tummies. Once we arived there we sat down in our area. The relays went first, then the freestyle. Blake, Liam and I went to marshel. Liam went first and came 1st, then Blake, and then me. I came 2nd ! I was so happy. I swam my hardest and got a great result. Then Blake and I went to do backstroke. I came 4th only by a few seconds!

Then John did breaststroke and Liam did Butterfly. Liam came 1st again so only Liam went through, but all of us went home knowing we tried our very best. Also a big thak you to Miss Craig and Liam’s Mum for driving and supervising us for the day.

Chinese New Year!

Berwick lodge primary school were turning there lanterns on to celebrate the lanterns festival  for chinese new year on the 14th of  february 2014. They all got dressed up in there chinese national costums. Grade by grade walked around the basketball court with there buddies to show off their costums and props that they made. A highlight of the parade was that a surprise show of the chinese dragon joined everyone walking around the parade.  Over all Berwick lodge had lots of fun.

Brain Dissection

A while  ago Ava, Alli and I dissected a lamb’s brain. We got to cut it in half and see all of the things inside like the brain stem.  It was really soft and squishy.  It was really great learning all about the brain.

Most people thought it was gross but I loved it. I thought it was so fun and a great experience.

Maths Towers

IMG_1741On the 19 of Feb 2014

We built towers out of maths blocks. But we had to add up what it would cost to build it in real live . It cost about $7142. It was a lot of money but it wasso so so muck fun.  I did it with Alli, Ash and me.


Berwick Lodge Primary School was a city of red with everyone wearing the colour red

to celebrate the fabolous Chinese New Year.

Before we started the parade we had a wonderful performance by the grade 2’s but before that we had

 beautiful poem also from grade 2 Tira that was performing a poem to celebrate this festive season.

After the fabulous performances the Chinese lion came with his glossy white coat

blinking eyes and a gaping mouth.



Drug Education.


For the past four weeks we were doing a program called Drug Education. It was about making a informed decision for when we get offered drinks and other drugs that will do different damages to you. These are the things we did.

On week one we…                                                                                                                                        

Named all the good and bad drugs and discussed the damages of most of them and we also discussed the different reasons why these drugs would be prescribed to the public and why people make their own drugs and sell them to people.

Week Two…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

We talked about the different hats and we were divided into groups and we where to talk about the different hats were be set different tasks and we would be asked questions, make up catch phrases, and talk about the different feelings that the drugs and drinking will do to you.

Week Three…                       

Was about smoking and we had to make a poster about the physical and internal damages that can do to you if you smoke to excess. We also watched some adds about the damages smoking can do. We also were told that the posters would be put around the school and mine is in the Library.

Week Four Final week…

On the last week we talked about the side effects of some drugs and how they can effect your everyday life. Anyway I liked doing Drug Education and I know the different drugs and the good and bad choices.


By Ruby