Kanga 8’s

Next Thursday, the Milo Cricket crew will be holding a fun cricket day for all the schools in the area at Sweeney Reserve. To compete on the day, all school’s must have at least one team consisting of eight players.
Our school is entering 4 teams. This is my second time taking part in this competition. I’m very excited!

National Young Leaders Day

Attending National Young Leaders Day was great fun. It wasn’t your normal conference. There were activities such as asking the speakers questions about their leadership roles, big beach ball throwing and much more. My favourite speaker was Daniel Flynn. Daniel started ‘Thankyou Water’. This company donated all their profits to villages in third world countries so they could start a clean water program. Now his company supporting over 100 projects in many countries such as Kenya, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Another speaker was Jessica Fox. She is a 17 year old Australian Olympian who won a silver medal in the 2012 London Olympics canoe slalom. She said that she had juggle her studies and sport. In the end, she got a good score in her VCE test and did well in the slalom race because she took initiative which is a part of being a good leader.

Kevin Sheedy also spoke to us about his career as one of the AFL’s most important people. A player and coach over five decades, he has been a leader to many people.

It was a great a day.