Lest We Forget

On the 25th April, 1915, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed in Z beach (ANZAC Cove) in Gallipoli, Turkey to launch a military campaign against the Ottoman Empire. The objective of the campaign was to capture Constantinople (Istanbul), the capital of the empire, which would provide many strategical advantages. However, within the first day an estimated 620 ANZAC soldiers were killed. Over the duration of the campaign, the total casualties came in at an estimated  362,000 people killed, ANZACs, Turks and Allies. Overall, the campaign was one of the biggest Allied military failures.

Now, 99 years later, Turkey is an ally with Australia and New Zealand. Together we all celebrate ‘ANZAC Day’, on the 25th April each year. Although we call it a celebration, it is also a mourning, not only for the soldiers killed in the ANZAC campaign, but all the soldiers that gave their lives so that Australia, New Zealand and Turkey could be safe and friendly countries.

This year, our school attended the ANZAC Day celebrations, which consisted of a commemorative parade, a wreath-laying (a circular ring of flowers) and a flag raising, with a volley of blanks fired. This year, our two school captains, Kav and Ruby, were in attendance to lay a wreath on behalf of our school. Anyone else who wanted attend from Berwick Lodge Primary was asked to turn up in uniform if they wished. I decided to attend. Besides, I can give 1 hour of my time to remember those who gave their lives for our country. Luckily, others shared my opinion too. Josh.B, Ethan, Brodie, Lachlan, Lincoln and his sister all attended the parade with Ruby, Kav and myself to participate in the wreath laying. We approached the remembrance shrine, and placed our wreath. We then exited to the left, and rejoined Mrs Whitelaw and Mr Whitehead in the crowd.

The amount of people in attendance was astounding, and this was only for the main street of Berwick! I can only imagine the people at the dawn service and parades in the city! I was very excited to be part of this gathering to remember why we are a free country, and those who gave their lives for us to live in a free, beautiful country. Now, I will finish this post with a stanza of the poem ‘For The Fallen’ by Laurence Binyon called ‘The Ode’.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old;

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.”

“Lest we forget.”


India Project

Hi everyone, just thought I should make a post about our current Library/Aisan Studies topic; India. Hope you enjoy. 😀

India Project:

The Grade 5/6 classes of Berwick Lodge Primary School have been each assigned an Aisan (or semi-European) country to research. 6W has been assigned India. It is a very interesting and diverse culture which would take any scholar years to fully document. I can only begin to comprehend the diversity and wonder of this country.

Our class has been asked to make a brochure using Microsoft Publisher. The theme for ths brochure is the culture and traditions of the Indian sub-continent. We have been using a variety of resources to research the different Hindu, Muslim and Sikh festivals, along with their respective foods and cultures. Our focus has mainly been on how people and children live in India. Many live in conditions worse than poverty, scouring tips and train stations for scraps of food. Others, live in beautiful, modern, posh and expensive houses. The residents of Indian live in extremes, on both ends, good and bad.

India’s history is very diverse. They have been invaded by Persians, conquered by Greeks and ruled as a British colony. I hope this has shown you what we have been working on. Bye 😀

Drug Education: What I learnt

Drug Education

For the past 4 weeks, the grade 5 classes of Berwick Lodge Primary school have been learning about drugs, their dangers, side effects and, if medicinal, safe use and benefits.  This post will be a synopsis of what we have learnt. Hope you enjoy! 😀

Week 1:

I was absent this week, but from the information I have gathered from my classmates, we learnt about the different types of drugs, their side effects and possible addictions. This was a kind of general overview lesson.

Week 2:

This week we learnt about alcohol using the De Bono Thinking Hats method. We analysed the risks, addictiveness and the reasons behind drinking and binge drinking.  We separated into different groups to focus on one part (facts, effects, feelings, benefits and problems) to then combine our knowledge and create a poster. We split into our groups and bounced ideas off one-another for opinions. We brought our knowledge together to produce a small poster about the dangers of alcohol.

Week 3:

This week we did one of the most addictive substances ever sold legally, tobacco. We had a look at the potential health hazards of tobacco and watched a series of Quitline advertisements. The pictures in the ads were quite confronting, and we were asked to use similar types of pictures in our posters. My poster was about cigarettes being radioactive.

Week 4:

This week we learnt about what drugs are legal or illegal, how to read the warnings and instructions and what is safe to take. We were given a sheet with images of medicine and drugs. We were told to identify which ones were safe and which ones were dangerous. We also had to read the labels on the products to decide what they were used for. We had to then use that information to deduct what activities it would be safe to do while under the influence of these drugs. I personally enjoyed this lesson the most.


Overall, I really enjoyed the Drug Ed classes, however we are now moving on to leadership classes to prepare us for Grade 6. Hope you enjoyed. Bye 😀

5W Kinder Visit

On Thursday 17th October, 5w went on a visit to Timbarra Kindergarten. Each student was allocated a kinder buddy (or two) for the day. I was looking after two cousins.

At 11:30, we started walking to Timbarra Kindergarten. If you have ever been to Parkhill Plaza, it is nearby. You go past the inter section, down the road and turn into the kinder. We walked, but followed the same route. The kinder is joined on to a community centre, with what I believe was a school near by. We started walking and it took us roughly 7.5 minutes to walk there.

When we arrived a the kinder, we were buddied up. I was buddied up with Ben and Jordan. We started off with painting, however they soon decided they wanted to go outside. We played with lego, went on an obstacle course and finally they made up their mind and went into the sandpit, and we played there for the rest of the visit, making sandcastles and throwing sand (I was the one getting hit!).

Overall, I think it was a grate bonding experience and can’t wait for our next visit. I think Berwick Lodge Primary School have formed a great bond with Timbarra Kindergarten .


Film Festival 2013: Recount

Hello everyone, toda I am posting about the film Festival that was on last night. Enjoy! 😀

On the 16th September 2013, Berwick Lodge Primary School held their fifth annual Film Festival at the Dandenong Drum Theartre. Almost everyone came to the festival and the night was a great success.

We had to get dressed up fancy and as soon as we arrived, we had to walk the red carpet. This is not somnething I enjoyed doing, as all the teachers in the 5/6 area were taking pictures of me. I do not like having my picture taken. Anyway, soon an announcement came twlling us to begin getting seated. I was in row F with my prents, grandparents and sister. The first film was Zero. My film was fourth. We watched all the films and they were all excellent. There were zombie horror films, Sci-Fi films, video game films and historical films. At the end Mrs Naismith gave a speech and announced the trophy winners. I was one of the people who won a trophy in my grade. there were only two trophys handed out per film. They also handed out some certificates to other people.

Overall, I think the night was a great success. My favourite films were The Aliens of Berwick Lodge by 6K and When the Lights go Out by 5T. Again, I really enjoyed the night and cannot wait for next years. Bye!

5 Ways Minecraft is Educational.

Hey guys, I was challenged to find 5 ways the hit game Minecraft was educational, so I have come up with them. I assure you that they are my own ideas, but they are similar to many other ones. Enjoy! 😀

  1. Minecraft was originally made by one person, Markus Persson. It has a very diverse history and it is good for kids to explore and research its creation, development versions etc.
  2. It can be used to provide an online classroom, one that kids can access no matter wherever they are, home, school or the other side of the world. It has many ways to create written logs. It includes editable books and a language selector, so you don’t have to speak English to play, teach or learn from it.
  3. It can be used to teach architectural, structural, building and construction skills. There are many different blocks in the world of Minecraft. Most of them are realistic, and look like the real artifact.
  4. It teaches students mathematical concepts in a fun way e.g. Your hunger bar has ten levels on it, with 0 being starved and 10 being full. If 1 steak piece fills 3 1/2 levels, how many steak would you have to eat to be full, assuming you start on 0 levels?
  5. It can teach students how to communicate online in a safe environment, while still having fun communicating with other people on the internet. It also lets teachers monitor every word said in the classroom.

Well, hope that makes everyone reading see Minecraft in a new light. If you have a reason I forgot or disagree, feel free to comment. Well, that’s all for now. See you all next time. Bye! 😀


Adventure Island Project

Hi guys, just writing to tell you what I did yesterday, a special project about different islands, enjoy! 😀

So, for grade 5/6 students who don’t go on camp, they are given this assignment about different real life islands For the first part we have to research them and provide information like the population, area, namesake and official language. For the second part we have to invent our own undiscovered islands. The islands I researched for the first part were Tristan Da Cunha, Madagascar, Tahiti and Tenerife (in the Canary Islands).

After researching them and filling in the boxes we had to do a graph showing the population differences. I tossed up doing a pie graph or a line graph, but they would both take too long, so I setteled on a bar graph. It wasn’t very accurate, as the differences were 264 to 22,005,222. Very inaccurate!


For the second part we had to create our own ‘adventure island’ that was undiscovered for many years. We had to sketch it, place it on a map, describe the flora and fauna and also design a ‘friend’ that you would meet if you washed up on the shores of the island.. I placed my island near Bermuda. This was why it had remained undisovered for many years. I also decided on making my island inhabited, although apart from my ‘friend’ they were completely hostile. the plant life was mostly normal, with many aquatic plants. My animal life consisted of a new bird species, a bear/wolf hybrid, a cave mite infestation and a……….well something that looked like a blob on two legs.

I also had to write a short story (one page) about what it would be like to wash up on shore and another about what it would be like to get in an adventure. In the first one I was captured by monks, and in the second my friend helped me escape. I also had to design and colour a flag for my island.

Once done, I had to sketch the flags of the islands I researched. The flag of Tristan Da Cunha was rather hard to draw, as it was very complicated. Madagascars flag was by far the easiest. I really enjoyed all the research that had to be done.

Overall, I rather enjoyed the project, although it was meant to take three days, I completed it in one day, but have much more to keep me occupied, bye! 😀

 Small palm tree

Update Post

Hi, just writing to give you all an update on what has been happening in class, enjoy! 😀

Ok, so a few classes have already gone on camp, and a few are already back, my class isn’t. I didn’t really want to go to camp this year, so I am in 5T for today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday).

We also had our ‘Buddy Day’ recently. It is a national day ran by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. It was on two weeks ago, on a Friday, but that was our report writing day (no students at school) so we ran it on the Wednesday. We got to sit down with our buddy grade (3M) and eat a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut. They were very delicious. I really enjoyed the day.

We have also begun our radio show, our scripts are coming along nicely and we are a 1/4 of the way finished. we aren’t doing a book role-play, instead we are discussing movies. We also have a news segment, we  are discussing robotics and the new sports teacher.

Speaking of robotics, I (and 14 other students) have entered the competition. It is through the school, and the competition is called RoboCup Rescue. We have to program the robot to follow a winding black line, and rescue a aluminium can (by rescue I mean knock it over and out of a ‘green zone’). We can’t have any parts of our robot to pick up the aluminium can, only ram into it. Our school is submitting three teams, A, B and C. There are five students per team, although a few of our students are going to Singapore at the time, so there might be less, although there might be some substitutes instead.

Well I should be wrapping this up, so thanks everyone for reading this update, I will be posting some more projects on my blog, as I know I have been dormant for quite some time, and I will aim to put that to an end soon.

Bye! 😀

The First Fleet Narrative: A Captain’s Log.

Day 1: Departure

We left Portsmouth today, well-stocked with plenty of rations. We should be quite safe with Sirius around, those convicts could cause trouble though.

 Wrote Captain Arthur Philip as he watched over the open sea. Raising his head from his book, he went out on the front deck for some fresh air.


Day 2: Supplies

Okay, I will not be writing each day, those convicts are proving quite a handful. Although I don’t wish to flog any just yet, they would have to thieve to deserve that.

 Captain Philip heard a loud bang below decks. He quickly rushed below decks to see one of the convicts had gotten hold of a musket. “Stop! Put down that gun!” shouted Captain Philip. “Guards, relieve him of his weapons!” “Yes captain, right away!” The guards grabbed the convict and took the musket. “You are under arrest in the name of the king!” The first guard said. The convict replied gruffly “Hey, it wasn’t my fault, I was just grabbin’ me some food an’ some’n threw a musket at me, I was just trying to get rid of it!” The guards both said “Save it for the judge!” They dragged the convict away to a solitary cell.

Day 3: Discipline

As those convicts have been stirring up enough trouble, it seems I will be forced to silence some of them. With either a flogging or hanging. It would be very unfortunate if I was forced to put in the second option.

Some of the convicts are behaving acceptably, they may only have to endure mining and road-building. Some may be set free, perhaps even a reduced sentence, but NOT that mischievous thief. He stole a gun, three pieces of bread and ‘accidentally’ killed two cattle. He will be either given two-hundred flogs, or be hung. I don’t wish to be forced to hang him, but I’m not the judge.


Day 4: Madness!

Alright, that’s it! These convicts are driving me mad! I’ve already flogged fifty-two of them, and hung five! This can’t go on for much longer. The punishment some will endure will be more than they ever imagined. We are rather close to the Canary Islands, they can all be left there as much as I care!



Captain Philip tried to leave many convicts on the islands. Some jumped overboard, others took bred and ran. Captain Philip was furious. The recount of his events end here.

By Josh.D