India Project

Hi everyone, just thought I should make a post about our current Library/Aisan Studies topic; India. Hope you enjoy. 😀

India Project:

The Grade 5/6 classes of Berwick Lodge Primary School have been each assigned an Aisan (or semi-European) country to research. 6W has been assigned India. It is a very interesting and diverse culture which would take any scholar years to fully document. I can only begin to comprehend the diversity and wonder of this country.

Our class has been asked to make a brochure using Microsoft Publisher. The theme for ths brochure is the culture and traditions of the Indian sub-continent. We have been using a variety of resources to research the different Hindu, Muslim and Sikh festivals, along with their respective foods and cultures. Our focus has mainly been on how people and children live in India. Many live in conditions worse than poverty, scouring tips and train stations for scraps of food. Others, live in beautiful, modern, posh and expensive houses. The residents of Indian live in extremes, on both ends, good and bad.

India’s history is very diverse. They have been invaded by Persians, conquered by Greeks and ruled as a British colony. I hope this has shown you what we have been working on. Bye 😀