5W Kinder Visit

On Thursday the 17th of October, 5W walked to to Timbarra Kindergarden. Everyone got buddied up with someone and they spent the whole time they were there together.

At 11:30am 5W started to walk down to the kindregarden. We left to go back to our school at around 1:00pm and got back at 1:15.

My Kinder buddie’s name is Ruby. We did a lot of things together such as, draw pictures of each other, play out side on the aquipment, make some puzzles and play some board games, paint on a huge peice of paper(the painting was amazing) and build with blocks!!!

In the end, when we had to leave, I dont think the little kids wanted to leave us, because we had so much fun all together!!!

Here is a photo of Ruby and I washing our hands after painting our beautiful picture:

We had a fantastic time!!!!!!!



Dear diary,                                                                                                     July 26 1787


I’ve been on this ship for about 2 months and I still have 7 months to go. I’m getting used to it but it’s still really disgusting and tight in here.

I’m with some of my friends that I had spent my life with down in England. It’s really cramped in here and I can barely breath. The food that we’ve had to eat has gone off and has maggots are crawling in it. It is so dark on this ship and everyone feels sick.

The worst thing about this whole thing is the bucket for the toilet. This place smells disgusting and I really regret  coming. THIS IS A NIGHT MARE!!!!!

I’ve already puked about 21 or so times. No one on this ship is getting any exercise and we are definitely not healthy right now. We all have to sleep standing up in a very squashed place. Did I mention that I’m on the friendship and that is why we are all such good friends and cooperating so well, NOT!!!

It’s almost dark and everyone is getting tired.  I’m getting a bit sea sick and I want to lie down. This really isn’t the best feeling, and I think I’m about to puke.