Maths Towers

IMG_1741On the 19 of Feb 2014

We built towers out of maths blocks. But we had to add up what it would cost to build it in real live . It cost about $7142. It was a lot of money but it wasso so so muck fun.  I did it with Alli, Ash and me.


Last week we went to a kindergarden. I was with Max he was a nice boy we play outside and we blit a road out of blocks and we went in the sandpite.Then it was time to say goodbye it was very hard to go but I had to go.

Book Bag

On the 22nd of August we had our Book Bag expo. I did The Hobbit it’s a great book you  sued reed it. I like all of the book that everyone did if you look at more post you will see more of the  Book Bags. It was a great day.



On Monday the 20th of May. 16 of us went to C.H.I.P.S. (which means Christians. Helping. In. Primary. School.) we went on the chips bus to get to Mill valley, it was a boring time on the bus when we got to Mill valley I was so excited.

When we started we got told all the rules at Mill valley alter that we all did archery I got 30 points. The archery was so fun I want to do it again.

Then I did horse riding  it was very hard but it was great I hoop that I will go on a horse again.