Book Expo

On the 22end The Book Expo was on and I had to get ready. I placed all my stuff on a table then I was asked to move to the whiteboard. My book was The Silver Donkey. The Silver Donkey is about a solidier  who ran away from the war and was found by two young girls named Coco and Marchelle. The girls were asked to help the soldier find his way home to his sick brother John. The soldier needed help because he was blind. The girls couldn’t do it on their own so they invited their brother Pascal to help. Find out the rest of the awesome book. The author’s name is Sonya Hartnett. You can find the book in the library.

My weekend

On Saturday I went to the movies witn my family friends. We watched After Earth. Before we went to the movies was my brothers exam. My brother is trying to get in a good school.for lunch we had Mac Donalds. I orded a cheese burga and a macaroon. I won a prize at the movies.