Kinder Visit

On the 17th of October 16 people visited Timbarra Kindergarden. The teachers then chose our buddies and I got 2. They loved drawing and arts. Also they really liked going for a run in the garden which they call the ‘jungle’. I had lots of fun visiting Timbarra Kinder and I hope I will able to go there again. Here is a picture of Cathryn and her buddy.

Radio Show Group 4 Reflection

Last week on the 21st of August I had Radio Show. It was such a great expirience and I can’t wait until next year to do it again! The  people in my group was Gemma, Cathryn, Billy, Isaac and myself. We talked about many things but one of the things we talked about was Homeless Persons Week. I enjoyed talking about that and finding information about Homeless Persons Week, also I learnt some interesting information about it. We also read a story, the book we chose to read was Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partraige. I think that book was a really good book to read.

Book Show Bag Expo

On the 22nd of August we had a Book Show Bag Expo. I chose to do the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days. Also we had a comments sheet and I had to get a new page because the other one got filled to the bottom. I had lots of fun and I got to share a table with Gemma who did Dork Diaries. I thought her book was really good.


On Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch I do Wakakirri. I have been enjoying it a lot and I can’t wait until the performance at the end of the year. My mum and sister Eden are coming the the performance.  I also do Wakakirri for Terrific Tuesdays.


The First Fleet Trip July 1787

Dear Diary, I will regret stealing that old man’s shopping bag for the rest of my life. The trip has been terrible things I have experienced so many bad things and I thought I would never experience these things. The room I have is awfully small and I have to share it with 2 other convicts. I feel like killing myself because I am in agony and pain, I am having lots of sea sickness and bad stomach aches, it is the worst! The toilet we have is a bucket and it smells so bad I vomit every time I go near it, and we only tip it out once it is completely full.

I hate the food we have it tastes revolting, it is covered in salt and the food I get is usually off. I ate my meat and there was maggots inside eww! That (so far) was one of the most yuckiest things I have ever seen and eaten in my life. The food smells terrible, tastes terrible, and looks terrible, but unfortunately I do so have to eat it.

We get no exercise on this small ugly boat too! Soon I am going to be so skinny (from not eating anything), or so fat (from getting no exercise). I cry whenever I think about all the things I have gone through, and I cry knowing there are more disasters ahead.

Signing Out,