Kinder Visit

On the 17th of October a group of 15 kids went to the Timbara kindergarden. We walked up to the kinder from school. It wasnt a long walk, it was only about 10 minuets from school. I had loads of fun with my buddy, she was really nice and full of energy. I could bearly keep up with her. She was so fast and nice to play with. It was really nice to go and see all of the kinder kids and have fun with them, and to have them as new friends. Then after all the fun we had to go back to school. When we went back to school we had fun things to tell our friends what happed and what we did at the kinder. It was fun to go and I hope we can go back.

Kinder Visit

On the 17th of October 16 people visited Timbarra Kindergarden. The teachers then chose our buddies and I got 2. They loved drawing and arts. Also they really liked going for a run in the garden which they call the ‘jungle’. I had lots of fun visiting Timbarra Kinder and I hope I will able to go there again. Here is a picture of Cathryn and her buddy.

Terrific Tuesdays

Terrific Tuesdays

On the 15th of October we had alot of fun while we were doing all these activities my activity was Alternative sports.First of all we spilt up into two groups and then after my group started off by playing Rugby!and then it was time to swap over so then my group went over to the basketball courts to play Hockey!Overall we had lots of fun and enjoyed it!

The 5W Kinder Visit

On Thursday only a few of us went to Timbarra Kindergarten to get along with the kinder kids. My buddy was a girl, I’m just saying that because I have forgotten her name ( I’m so forgetful ). The funny thing is that she had so much energy that I couldn’t keep up

We went into the sand pit, did drawings, played like we were in a kitchen, built a house, ran around outside and…. uh had fun.

When we left I felt kinda sad we left.

Bye 🙂

Kindergarden Visit

On the 17th of October, grade 5W visited the Timbarra Kindergarden. We walked over there and gave a friendly greeting to the little kindergardeners. We recieved a buddy to play with for the day. After we were assigned a buddy, we all were having fun with them as they were having fun too. But unfortunenately, we weren’t allowed to stay all day, so near lunch time, we said our goodbyes and headed back to school. We all miss them.


Catch me if you can project

Last week weve been using our investergation skills to solve our mystery of who stole the money.

My group is Lachlan he’s the leader me Alli writer-recorder Nathan he collects all the stuff Alisha shes the disner and Charlie as the person that helps around with Alisha.

We’ve done the crime scene the front well Alisha colored it in and the people in our group and the suspects witch i think feels suspetous because miss norton wont tell much not even her age or how she discribes her self.

I cant wait untill we find the person who did it.All right Alli out. 😀

Term 4

This term we have been solving crimes . We have learnt about finger prints and foot prints. also some of us went to the kinder vist . I didnt but it sounds like alot of fun so i will do it next time hopfuly

film festival

Hi guys my name is Charlie. I am going to tell you what i was in for the film festval. I was a miner in the eureka stockade and a number 7 in Zero. In are class we did piture storys. How we made it. We had to stay still and then they will take are piture. In zero there was a green screen and we needed to llay down.

And that was how we made the film festival and what i bwas in.

Film Festival 2013: Recount

Hello everyone, toda I am posting about the film Festival that was on last night. Enjoy! 😀

On the 16th September 2013, Berwick Lodge Primary School held their fifth annual Film Festival at the Dandenong Drum Theartre. Almost everyone came to the festival and the night was a great success.

We had to get dressed up fancy and as soon as we arrived, we had to walk the red carpet. This is not somnething I enjoyed doing, as all the teachers in the 5/6 area were taking pictures of me. I do not like having my picture taken. Anyway, soon an announcement came twlling us to begin getting seated. I was in row F with my prents, grandparents and sister. The first film was Zero. My film was fourth. We watched all the films and they were all excellent. There were zombie horror films, Sci-Fi films, video game films and historical films. At the end Mrs Naismith gave a speech and announced the trophy winners. I was one of the people who won a trophy in my grade. there were only two trophys handed out per film. They also handed out some certificates to other people.

Overall, I think the night was a great success. My favourite films were The Aliens of Berwick Lodge by 6K and When the Lights go Out by 5T. Again, I really enjoyed the night and cannot wait for next years. Bye!

Flim Festival

On Mondy the 16th of september we had the grade 5/6 Film Festival held at the Drum Thearate. When we were walking in there was a red carpet and you got to have a picture taken with a trophie.

When we got into the Tharate we got a intro and then we watched the films and Zero our film was played first and it was fantastic. In the end Ruby, Josh.D.,Aimee and Chantelle got the trophies and Nick,Lachlan,Chloe and Gemma. But all up it was a great night and we all had FUN!!!!!!