Kindergarden Visit

On the 17th of October, grade 5W visited the Timbarra Kindergarden. We walked over there and gave a friendly greeting to the little kindergardeners. We recieved a buddy to play with for the day. After we were assigned a buddy, we all were having fun with them as they were having fun too. But unfortunenately, we weren’t allowed to stay all day, so near lunch time, we said our goodbyes and headed back to school. We all miss them.


Coach Approach

On Wednesday the  7/8/2013 we had our Coach Approach.

The sports we did were:

  • Lacrosse
  • Hip Hop
  • Touch Rugby
  • Taekwondo-my favourite one 🙂

In this picture, there is me and my friend Nathan having fun in Taekwondo by saying,