Coach approach

7TH  of August 2013

We had coach approach! It was very fun, the best one for me was Hip Hop. Then we had lacrosse. That was very fun. The hardest one for me was touch rugby. These are all the coaches. There was Alex, Steve,Jade,Zen,Bou,Dani and Carly. We all had a great time?????


On Tusday my mum and I went to my gymnastics me and my friend shaun we where learning how to backflip on the flat ground. we do it on the trampoline alot so we did that ones more, I went first we where doing it on a mat not that thick, I went first I got on my feet and then fell backwards into the foam acccidently. Then Shaun went Shaun got the whole way… then fell forward!!!!!!!!!. On the second try I landed it on my feet so did Shaun.

5 minutes later Shaun and I went on the trampoliene a tried out double back saults we got that first try.



On the 20th May we went to  Edwan Flack. It was district cross country. Sam,Tom,Billy,Daniel,Kavian and I. It was 3km, Sam came 7th, Billy came 5th, Kav came 10th,Danial came 2nd, Tom cam 13 and I came 17 we had a great time on the day and then I cought some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.