On the 25th of  October  i went to the school fete i had so much fun. There was snow cones,fairy floss,popcorn and much more i went on the slide and some rides with Shehara,Cathryn and Sasha

i had a really fun time because this was my first fete

Group 4 Radio Show

On the 21st of August grade 5w group 4 did our very first radio show. It was so fun and nervracking. I had a really fun afternoon. My favourite part about radio show was being on radio and making our riffs and coming up with our song!

Coach Approach

On the 7th of August 2013 we had some very special visters come to the school. To do some fun sport activities. Our very first activity as a grade was lacrosse. That was my favourite and then we had hip hop with dani. We learnt a really cool dance. After that we had touch rugby with Steve, Alex and Carly. That was really cool. Our last activity was taekwondo with Zen and Beau and we got to learn some cool tricks and kicks. We had a fun morning. Here’s a picture of me and Sasha and more doing a hip hop dance.