Terrfic Tuesdays

On Teusdays grades 3 to 5 have this thing called Terrfic Tuesdays . I am in science and today we did the exploding lunchbox . Way you do it is that you put a cup full of vineger , half of a cup of  , put a tissue to make the cimical reacson slow down , then you put bi-carbe soda and then guickly put it down on the ground and then it will blow up the bag then it will pop the bag. And that what we did today and what i am in.

Timbarra kinder visit

On the 17 of October 5w went to Timbarra kinder visit we had alot of fun there. We got to see the kinder kids and we got are own buddies . My buddies was named Ben he was 6 years old before we left they gave our class a pot sayin thnk you for coming to Timbarra kinder . When we left it was near lunch but as we got there the eating bell went .

film festival

Hi guys my name is Charlie. I am going to tell you what i was in for the film festval. I was a miner in the eureka stockade and a number 7 in Zero. In are class we did piture storys. How we made it. We had to stay still and then they will take are piture. In zero there was a green screen and we needed to llay down.

And that was how we made the film festival and what i bwas in.

dreamtime stores

How Tassie  Devils got their teeth

Before time began there were Tassie devils. Tassie devils had black fur, black tails with little red tips on the end of them, black ears and red eyes.  One day there was a Tassie devil  just walking in the park having fun with his friends. But that day people with spears ran at them and they were throwing  spears at all of them. The Tassie devils ran for their lives. Luckily one got home safely. The next day he didn’t see his friends but the people were there and they threw their spears in his mouth where they got stuck. And that’s how Tassie devils got their teeth .