Book expo

On the 22nd of August all of the grade 5/6 had a book expo on Thursday. Our class 5w had some awesome show bags my favourite book bag would be Cathryn’s. I had a fun day presenting my book bag and I got lots of coments which is good. This was one of my favourite book bags because, it has been hand drawn and it looks amazing I love it good job Cathryn.

Coach Approach

On the 7th of August 2013 we had Coach Approach. The sports where Lacrosse, Taekwondo, Hip Hop and Touch Rugby. My favourite activity was Hip Hop. The coaches names where Zen, Beau, Tim, Jade, Dani, Steve, Alex and Carly. In Hip Hop we did some streches then Dani taught us a dance routine it was really cool and really fun. She also tought us how to do the helicoper which was really cool. I had a great time.



On Saturday I had a Basketball game, our team is called berwick bolts, we versed the rowville rockets The score was 24 to 10 in our faveour. Me and Max got the mc donalds award. We had a great game I also got some nba shorts we allplayed well


My Awesome Weekend

On the weekend my mum,dad,sister,brother and I  went to Hisence arena to watch a netball game, the Melbourne vixens vs the NSW Swifth I was going for the Melbourne Vixens. At the end of the game the final score was 39 to 48 in the NSW Swift favour. After the game I went to the Melbourne Vixens shop and brought a netball.