Kinder visit

On the 17th of October we went to Timbarra kindagarten.  The teachers chose kinder buddies for us and I got a girl buddie named Rachelle. She said her favourite things to do at the kindagarten were draw, paint and play outside in the sandpit. she also said she has two sisters. I look forward to seeing Rachelle next time.



Film Festival 2013

I had such an awesome time last night at the film festival. I enjoys watching all the films and preparing our films. I really liked doing the green screen. The red carpet was really fun it made me feel famous lol. I enjoyed seeing my friends all dressed up they looked really good. Inthe film I was number 6 with Sasha. I went with my mum, my two brothers and my friend Ardiya.

Group 4 Radio Show

On the 21st of August group 4 (my group) had radio show. The people in my group were Gemma, Sasha, Billy and Isaac. Radio show was an awesome expeirience for me and I’m looking forward to next year to do it again. Two of our topics we talked about were Homeless Persons Week and Cupcake Day. The people we interviewed were Miss Craig, Miss Montgomery and Laren from the RSPCA. Radio Show goes for an hour and started at 2:00 and finished at 3:00.

Book Showbags expo

    On the 22 of Augustwe had our book project expo I did Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone my Front cover is on the left. It was really cool to    have other grades come and look and comment on our projects. The expo started at 2:00 and ended at 4:00. I couldn’t stay after school because I had a Netball game but I still got to stay till 3:30. We had optional and conpulsery task but we only had to  do at least  1 optional task. The tasks I chose to do were front cover, blurb, charactor cards, authors information,significant scene, wordsearch, venn diagram, questions and dictionary. We started the book bags on the 16th of July.




On Saturday I played Basketball! The scores were 28-8 in our favour. The girls we were playing were really tall and were either in grade 6 or 7. The coaches were also father and son. There are 8 on the team and 4 are from Berwick lodge. Their names are Tarah, Aleece, Grace and me.

First Fleet trip- 1787

My name is Sanyo. I was accused of stealing food back in England. I was a convict on the  First Fleet.

It all started at the beginning of May in 1787. I was walking around the market picking out my daily groceries, when a man next to me started stealing food. I said to him, “ hey you, drop the food!” He instantly looked at me and ran. I chased him as far as I could until he dropped the food. I bent over to pick it up and immediately, the soldiers pushed me to the ground and chained my hands together. I tried to explain but they wouldn’t listen. They put me with the other convicts.

Captain Cook had discovered a place to put the convicts (me).So they decided to send  11 ships to the mysterious continent. On May 1787 we set for sail.

The men just shoved us into ships and kept us locked away. The conditions over the 9 months were horrible. The rooms were awfully small and we had to share them with 4 other convicts.

It’s been 6 months and the toilet (bucket) is absolutely disgusting! It smells so bad, I could mistake it for a sewer! Our food has maggots in it and I haven’t had a good night’s rest in 6 months.

Yes! 1 more month to go and I’m on land again. I have vomited about 24 times and been vomited on, 30 times.  First thing I want to do when we get on land, is take a nice, warm and long shower.

Ahhh….. Finally on land. No more vomit- ‘bluuu”.

Digital citenship

When you are on the Internet you have to be really careful with what you say and personal information. For example  information like…..

Where you live, photos of yourself and your contacts.

Only add people that you know. There could be a creep out there that is trying to be you or is pretending to be someone else like a little kid.

Don’t give away information about where you live. There are some people out there that will actually come to your house or send you hate mail.

DO NOT take pictures of yourself because once you put it on the Internet it’s lost forever and you can’t get it back and deleting it from your post will still mean it’s out there. It’s also important to keep your identity hidden.




Challenge 6 – Activity 5