Kinder Visit

On the 17th of October a group of 15 kids went to the Timbara kindergarden. We walked up to the kinder from school. It wasnt a long walk, it was only about 10 minuets from school. I had loads of fun with my buddy, she was really nice and full of energy. I could bearly keep up with her. She was so fast and nice to play with. It was really nice to go and see all of the kinder kids and have fun with them, and to have them as new friends. Then after all the fun we had to go back to school. When we went back to school we had fun things to tell our friends what happed and what we did at the kinder. It was fun to go and I hope we can go back.

Film Festival

We have arrived!

Our dresses!

On Monday the 16 of September our school had a film festival. It was so much fun. When I arrived I walked down the red carpet with one of my friends. We had both loved the night and I loved al the movies so much they are all my favourite! I was so happy when they called out my name to get a award, I was so shocked! I am really proud of myself for doing all the things I did. I reallly wanted everybody in my group to get one becuase we all did extryly well. Josh D also got an award, I think he too did very well! I hope everybody that was in the movie and behind the scences were proud of themselvese.

Book Bag Project

On the 22nd of August the grade 5/6s had a book bag project expo. I was shearing a table with Chloe. We both had done so much work we both needed another table! All of the grades got to go around and see the other grades projects.

It was so much fun, everybodys projects were amazing! I coulden’t believe the time and  effort that was put into the projects. I was very proud of mine and I hope the other students were too.









Coach Aproach

On the 8th of August we had Coach Aproach. we were joined by 5G on the day. Some of the sports we had were Lacrosse, Taekwondo, Hip Hop and Touch Rugby. The coaches for Lacrosse were Tim and Jade, the coaches for Taekwondo were Zen and Beau, the coach for hip hop was Dani and last but not least the coaches for Touch Rugby were Alex, Steve and Carly. My favourtie thing was hip hop because we got to do some awesome floor tricks and you got to do a short hip hop routine!

I think my least favourite activity was Touch Rugby. I still thought it was good but not the best. I also loved Lacrosse. It was really fun when we got to have a game of Lacrosse at the end. I think that Taekwondo was good, we got to do alot of games. We even got to play a game of Taekwondo tigi! I did like it but it was not my favourite. I liked all the sports but I don’t think that Touch Rugby and Taekwondo were the best. But I still liked all the sports.

Overall the day was brilliant. We even got the coaches signatures! I loved the day and so did the rest of the 5/6’s.