Drug Education!

For four weeks grade 5W, 5G and 56N did a drug education session about how to use and have good drugs like Panadol and lots of other good drugs. but bad drugs like cocaine and lots more. I now know that having to many good drugs can be to bad for you. There are many different types of drugs, but some of them have to be prescribed to you in case of emergency, if you have a prescribed medicine or good drug and have it if you are not needing them it can make you sick again. We also learnt  about cigarets and how they are bad for you, we watched some cigaret ads, and they have made me scared of cigarets. We were assigned to do a poster about how cigarets are bad for you, I couldn’t do it because we were moving to my Nan’s house until our new house was built.

I hope you have enjoyed my little recap on drug education.  Bye 🙂

Drug Education: What I learnt

Drug Education

For the past 4 weeks, the grade 5 classes of Berwick Lodge Primary school have been learning about drugs, their dangers, side effects and, if medicinal, safe use and benefits.  This post will be a synopsis of what we have learnt. Hope you enjoy! 😀

Week 1:

I was absent this week, but from the information I have gathered from my classmates, we learnt about the different types of drugs, their side effects and possible addictions. This was a kind of general overview lesson.

Week 2:

This week we learnt about alcohol using the De Bono Thinking Hats method. We analysed the risks, addictiveness and the reasons behind drinking and binge drinking.  We separated into different groups to focus on one part (facts, effects, feelings, benefits and problems) to then combine our knowledge and create a poster. We split into our groups and bounced ideas off one-another for opinions. We brought our knowledge together to produce a small poster about the dangers of alcohol.

Week 3:

This week we did one of the most addictive substances ever sold legally, tobacco. We had a look at the potential health hazards of tobacco and watched a series of Quitline advertisements. The pictures in the ads were quite confronting, and we were asked to use similar types of pictures in our posters. My poster was about cigarettes being radioactive.

Week 4:

This week we learnt about what drugs are legal or illegal, how to read the warnings and instructions and what is safe to take. We were given a sheet with images of medicine and drugs. We were told to identify which ones were safe and which ones were dangerous. We also had to read the labels on the products to decide what they were used for. We had to then use that information to deduct what activities it would be safe to do while under the influence of these drugs. I personally enjoyed this lesson the most.


Overall, I really enjoyed the Drug Ed classes, however we are now moving on to leadership classes to prepare us for Grade 6. Hope you enjoyed. Bye 😀


On the 25th of  October  i went to the school fete i had so much fun. There was snow cones,fairy floss,popcorn and much more i went on the slide and some rides with Shehara,Cathryn and Sasha

i had a really fun time because this was my first fete

5W’s Timbara kindagarden visit

On thursday the 17th  grade 5w went to timbara kindergarden. Everyone got paired up with a little kinder kid. My buddy’s name was Emily. She was so cute. I  followed  my buddy around. The best thing that I did was make a gaint race course with Emily. We had so much fun and I hope we all go there again. I was sad to go and I didn’t want to say goodbye.

Terrfic Tuesdays

On Teusdays grades 3 to 5 have this thing called Terrfic Tuesdays . I am in science and today we did the exploding lunchbox . Way you do it is that you put a cup full of vineger , half of a cup of  , put a tissue to make the cimical reacson slow down , then you put bi-carbe soda and then guickly put it down on the ground and then it will blow up the bag then it will pop the bag. And that what we did today and what i am in.

Kinda Visit

On Thursday the 17th a few kids from 5W went to Timmbarra primary school my buddy was Julien. There was lots of things to do but one of Julien’s favorite was jumping onto the big mat we all had fun and I hope we see them again

Kinder visit

On the 17th of October we went to Timbarra kindagarten.  The teachers chose kinder buddies for us and I got a girl buddie named Rachelle. She said her favourite things to do at the kindagarten were draw, paint and play outside in the sandpit. she also said she has two sisters. I look forward to seeing Rachelle next time.



5W Kinder Visit

On Thursday 17th October, 5w went on a visit to Timbarra Kindergarten. Each student was allocated a kinder buddy (or two) for the day. I was looking after two cousins.

At 11:30, we started walking to Timbarra Kindergarten. If you have ever been to Parkhill Plaza, it is nearby. You go past the inter section, down the road and turn into the kinder. We walked, but followed the same route. The kinder is joined on to a community centre, with what I believe was a school near by. We started walking and it took us roughly 7.5 minutes to walk there.

When we arrived a the kinder, we were buddied up. I was buddied up with Ben and Jordan. We started off with painting, however they soon decided they wanted to go outside. We played with lego, went on an obstacle course and finally they made up their mind and went into the sandpit, and we played there for the rest of the visit, making sandcastles and throwing sand (I was the one getting hit!).

Overall, I think it was a grate bonding experience and can’t wait for our next visit. I think Berwick Lodge Primary School have formed a great bond with Timbarra Kindergarten .


Timbarra kinder visit

On the 17 of October 5w went to Timbarra kinder visit we had alot of fun there. We got to see the kinder kids and we got are own buddies . My buddies was named Ben he was 6 years old before we left they gave our class a pot sayin thnk you for coming to Timbarra kinder . When we left it was near lunch but as we got there the eating bell went .