Morning Talk.

Hello readers,

Today I would like to talk about Mornings! so what do you do in your mornings before school? Well my mornings are diffrent, do you know why? My guess thats a no because when i wake up i do these things below!

1. Wake up.

2. Get dressed.

3. Eat Breakfast with a Hot Chocolate.

4. Brush my teeth.

5. pack the rest of my bag and put my shoes on.

6. The final step is if you finish before 8:30 you can then relax and watch YouTube or play somthing whill you wait.

So thats normally my morning pretty good, so why dont you try it 🙂

Luke Rowlands

Prep Meeting

A few weeks ago 6W went to prep Q and we got to meet are buddies and we spent most the time talking and telling each other a bit about are self and then we had to colour in a prep buddy bear than was at the beach. we had lots of fun and we stayed there for about thirty minutes and then we had to leave.. P.S the preps are so cute and small!