Kinda Visit

On Thursday the 17th a few kids from 5W went to Timmbarra primary school my buddy was Julien. There was lots of things to do but one of Julien’s favorite was jumping onto the big mat we all had fun and I hope we see them again

Flim Festival

On Mondy the 16th of september we had the grade 5/6 Film Festival held at the Drum Thearate. When we were walking in there was a red carpet and you got to have a picture taken with a trophie.

When we got into the Tharate we got a intro and then we watched the films and Zero our film was played first and it was fantastic. In the end Ruby, Josh.D.,Aimee and Chantelle got the trophies and Nick,Lachlan,Chloe and Gemma. But all up it was a great night and we all had FUN!!!!!!

Book Bag

On the 22nd of August the whole of grade 5/6 had a book show bag expo. We all made awesome bags but I was stacked full with comments. I even had to get a second and a third sheet as a spare.  It went from 2:30 -4:00 but we went home at 3:30 so I left the comment sheet there and I got lots of great feedback from everyone. It got like a traffic Jam at one point it did get a bit tiring when lots of people came but it was so much fun.

Diary of being a convict

July 1787 “We have been here for two months now”. “The food is disgusting and its filled with maggots not to mention the waters so bad lots of people are dying”. “Then they cuck them overboard”.

August 1787 “I’m just eating some meat now hopefully it doesn’t have maggots in it”. “First bite …”.” Yum its delicious”!. “Second bite… “ . “Yuck maggots”!!. “ I guess there was no reason to keep that”. ”So I cucked that out”.

December 1787 “Lots of people are dying  right now so yeah”. ‘ I ‘ll be lucky if I make it “.

January 1788 “’I’m trying to on until the last person go’s so I can go to the toilet “.” So we are scheduled to arrive tomorrow so hopefully I don’t’ get very sick and die soon “. “I also got eighty lashes yesterday for sealing necklaces and that’s why I’m on this  boat”.

The End!!!

District Cross Country

On 20th of May Sam, Billy ,Max and myself ran our hearts out to get a place into Divisional which is the next level. At the start I was coming 19th but then everything came together I was coming 8th and Sam was in front of me by a few metres but then someone else came past and I was 9th but then right near the end I stoped because I was feeling sick so I stoped and let them go in front so I came 11th the 1st emergency.