Drug Education!

For four weeks grade 5W, 5G and 56N did a drug education session about how to use and have good drugs like Panadol and lots of other good drugs. but bad drugs like cocaine and lots more. I now know that having to many good drugs can be to bad for you. There are many different types of drugs, but some of them have to be prescribed to you in case of emergency, if you have a prescribed medicine or good drug and have it if you are not needing them it can make you sick again. We also learnt  about cigarets and how they are bad for you, we watched some cigaret ads, and they have made me scared of cigarets. We were assigned to do a poster about how cigarets are bad for you, I couldn’t do it because we were moving to my Nan’s house until our new house was built.

I hope you have enjoyed my little recap on drug education.  Bye 🙂

The 5W Kinder Visit

On Thursday only a few of us went to Timbarra Kindergarten to get along with the kinder kids. My buddy was a girl, I’m just saying that because I have forgotten her name ( I’m so forgetful ). The funny thing is that she had so much energy that I couldn’t keep up

We went into the sand pit, did drawings, played like we were in a kitchen, built a house, ran around outside and…. uh had fun.

When we left I felt kinda sad we left.

Bye 🙂

Film Festival 2013

On the 16th of Septhember 2013 my mum, dad, sister and I went to the Drum Theater to see the Film Festival movies, there was a

red carpet paparazzi and everything…


the movies were awesome my movie (or photo story) the best grade 6 film I have to admit was the ‘aliens of Berwick lodge’, and the best grade 5 film was ‘when the lights go out’. I had a really good night and hopfuly they make a DVD about the Film Festival.

Eureka Film festival

Hey guys  there might be some pics of Zero for film festival, the one I’m doing is The Eureka stokade!!! the parts I’m playing as a solder, Peter Laylor and Scoobie

 me as solder.

This is me as Peter talking with Josh or random “miner”.

This is me as Scoobie fighting  miner Nathan. I hope you liked mt post, bye.


Hello I am the narrator, today I will tell you about a story that happened a long time ago”.

Our story began at a school where our soon to be hero Moch was working on a project with his friend Josh, they were both  ten years of age Josh was a little bit smaller. ”I don’t think this this is going to work Josh”. Said Moch. “Oh it will all right !”.said Josh courageously.(narrator: “I’m sorry but I forgot to say what they were working on Moch and Josh were making a Go-kart for a big race on Wednesday.)  “Maybe our test driver should be Endy!” Endy was a purple dragon brought back to life as a baby by Josh. “Ten seconds till Go-kart launch ,over!”  “countdown started 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, LAUNCH !!!!!” Yelled Moch and Josh simultaneously. The Go-kart went speeding down the hill “ARRRREEEE!!!!” screamed Endy when he reached the bottom of the hill and into the dark forest. “We better go and get him!” “your right Moch, let’s go!”  So they both went down to get Endy, but the only thing that was there was Endy turned to stone… “W-w-what did this to Endy?!” stammered Moch “I –I-I don’t know L.” Said Josh with a frown. Then there was a rustle in the trees, then in a split second Josh disappeared “JOSH!!!!” screamed Moch, then after a couple of minutes of  searching a stone statue fell from the sky Moch imminently recognised the statue it was J0osh! (narrator: “Moch has special abilities like fire, water, ice, earth, and lightning but he likes to use fire a lot”) “Now I’m raged!” said Moch with his hand on fire. Then he saw another stone statue behind Josh that looked like a human but with wings and horns. Moch imminently new that it was a   gargoyle “Did you do this to my friends!?” said Moch (narrator: now Moch also has  another ability called dark fire it is an evil cures that Moch got when he was a baby.) now surrounded by purple fire. They both had a big battle. “now I don’t want to tell you about the battle because there was a little gour” said the narrator. Moch won the battle and the gargoyle swore that Moch would not be able to turn his friends back Moch said he wasn’t telling the truth but Moch found that out the hard way. L he stayed with his friends until the end of his life!!!!!!

Star Gazing Night.

The star gazing night was a blast! All the students and parents firstly went (or might’ve gone) to the camp information night. When I got there the camp information was over but dad herd the whole thing! (lucky!!). Then we all went to the new L.E.E.P room, where we meant a man which studies and takes pictures of the stars, his name was Chris. He told us about all the planets from mercury all the way to Neptune! Then we went outside but I left straight after. I had a great time!