Off the grid lifestyle……

Hi everyone having fun getting our 37 foot motor home ready for the big adventure.

We have been getting to know our solar system and tank water capacity. Its alot of fun working with mum and dad and designing it our way. We have made a set of bunks and a double bed. Now it really feels like home.
I cant wait to get on the road and keep everyone updated on our journey…

have fun everyone.

5W Kinder Visit!!

On Thursday the 17 th October we went to kinder to see some little cuties. We left the school at 11:30 and got back at 1:15, in the time that we had there we partned up with some kids and  went outside, inside, outside, inside.

And then finally stayed outside we raced around and did not stop we played in the sand pit as well. We made a sand castle and then stood on it.We went on the running track but i got beaten that was sad.


Film Festival

This is one of the photos of the film festival thats me been the “miner”,Nick as “Govenor Hotham” and Lachlan as the “Body Guard” of Govenor Hotham.

The film festival is very good.

My favourite thing was to be able to where my farm clothes so that was fun and having a pick in my hand was good to.

The process of the film fest was very simple we toke the photos and added the the music and credits.And then hay presto.Where done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Film festival.


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I’m  feeling famous hear,talking to the judge.


This is one of the photos of the film festival thats me been the “miner”,Nick as “Govenor Hotham” and Lachlan as the “Body Guard” of Govenor Hotham.

The film festival is pretty good so far it is going to be  shown at the Drum theater in Dandenong.

Here is a link.

My Duke of Edinborough Compass award..

At the start of term 1 I started the compass award.

The compass award is where you do a certain amout of hours in four different things.

Physical activties – for that one I did Footy.

Hobbies – lego robotics.

Volunteering – Helping by being a coach at Auskick coach.

And for Exploration I did Healsville Sanctuary.

I would like you all to find out more about this on this link.

If you want to know anymore things ask me, don’t hesitate to ask.

Here is a picture of my badge.

Duke of Edinborough award…

Hi evreyone,

Lately I have been doing the Duke of Edinborough Compass award.

The compass award is something where you do a certain amout of hours in different things like physical  activities, hobbies, volunteering and exploration I have done all of them.

It is a good program to get you better jobs and help your life.

So I encourage you to try and do this.. This is a link to there website….

The MUDDY CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 19th of June to the 21st of June, We went  to camp Coonawarra out near my home,Bairnsdale…

It was a very muddy camp but we all loved it. My boots on the first day where brown as brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a photo of the horse yard…

Here is a picture of the view from the assembly yard…

5w if you are able to do a quick comment on your most favourite thing at camp could you post a comment……Nathan





My recent storey of Western Australia…

Western Australia


One day Joel ,Crossy and me went to Western Australia

To do a big job for a new building project.


So we got to Western Australia to do a very big

Scraping job, to earn some very big money

Joel  was working in a d-11 twin power ,Crossy

was driving a d-2  1 power. the buckets to catch the

dirt are at least 3meters dip and 2meters wide.

MINE WAS A BIG Kamatsuo  D-34 its buckets

Were 4 meters by  3 meters.


That  afternoon  I ran out of fuel x x x  So then

I had to go and get 500L of fuel the coast

Was about $600.


It was 40co I had to hurry UP because  all three

Ours were getting moved with some BIG T908

Ken worth  trucks we all had to do the loading and the

Driving. For mine they had to bring a BIG 10 wheeler

Trailer  and 6 tractor  wheels.


When we got to Mackay  in Calen for a stop  to do some

In a river it was full of lots of fish. We did not catch any



So then we jumped into the trucks and went to New

South wales in the topper  end to fill the trucks up with

Some foul to get to Victoria.


when we got to Vic ,we went to Bairnsdale to

do a big dam that is 30 meters dip for a water

system. And then we went to South Australia.


When we got to South Australia, we had to

do some big, big  roads for CATERPILLER.

So that meant  all three SCRAPERS had to be

in a line.

And then we got to Western Australia all the people

From there were when we got just into Western Australia

All the people were there saying “welcome home guys

And then we sore our family they were so happy

We jumped out of the trucks and  hugged  them they were very happy!!!! THE END

District Cross Country!!!!

District Cross Country


Challenging, exhausting and fun.


It was held on the 20th of May at Edwin flack Reserve. The helpers where Mrs Morgan, Mr Kelly and Mrs Heather. The people in my group where Billy, Max, Sam, Deegan, Indie and me.


In the first bit the starter gun went off it was loud. Instead of going around the oval and up the hill we went around the oval and kept going around we had to start again….One hour later!!!


We went  to the start  again with all the other schools we are all ready to go, we hear the starter gun and  off  we go I started good but I come back about 20 spots throughout the course I got back  about 8 spots but at the very end I got cracking I started sprinting my life out. A few more metres and I was there. All offer I came 50th.

My goal this time was just two get there…..