Every Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday in the mornings we do Zumba, Today on the 23rd of October instead of Zumba I read, In my opinion I would rather read then do Zumba, to me Zumba isn’t that fun and I would much rather read since I’m interested in reading and not interested in Zumba and in my opinion, Zumba should be an optional thing to do.




Meeting Prep Buddies

2-3 Weeks ago Grade 6W went to meet Prep Q, our buddy class to meet and chat to them. When we got to Prep Q we sat on the floor on the other side to our soon to be buddies.

We waited eagerly as our names and our buddies were called out. Eventually My name was called out and Kodi’s,(Kodi is also Williams buddy) our buddy William was also called and he came over to us and sat with us, and we chated and got to know each other.

After the chat we gave him a buddy bear. After this a few pictures were taken and we went back to Will’s seat. We got handed a sheet to colour in, so we did that.

After this the time was over and we had to go back to class, we said goodbye and headed back to class.

-Josh.B 6W