Most of the week we have been doing ZUMBA if you dont know what this is it is a excersize with dancing involved. It has been so much fun with Ashtuthi and Dahlia as our ZUMBA teachers.


Zumba in the Mornings cont.

As you would know, last week (or whenever it was) I ranted about the fact students have to participate in zumba, an exercise/dance program. Now however, my pleas have been acknowledged and….we don’t have to dance anymore!!! a total of four people are now reading on Thursday mornings. Long live the book!



Every Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday in the mornings we do Zumba, Today on the 23rd of October instead of Zumba I read, In my opinion I would rather read then do Zumba, to me Zumba isn’t that fun and I would much rather read since I’m interested in reading and not interested in Zumba and in my opinion, Zumba should be an optional thing to do.





In the morning we went outside to the coutyard and did Zumba with the grade 4,5 and 6’s . We did four dances to the songs of Jayho, Swaggerjagger, Ugly Heart and Runaway Baby. We learnt all the dances and everyone had a great time.

footy clinic

every Tuesday we have footy clinic and we have games and it had to do with football will I don’t like football but its was ok na it was fun/cool the game are handball flag wail I don’t know what the full names are lol but I had fun so will you I hop your are happen to play football as I am I cant stop play football now thx for your time to read this by allex


At Berwick Lodge Primary School, we have stared a new huff and puff program. Now we are doing zumba instead of running around our school. It’s so fun and warms us up for the day ahead of us. We’ve learnt 4 dances so far. To the songs, Swagger Jagger by Cher Loyde, J-ho, and some other zumba songs.

Kanga 8’s

Next Thursday, the Milo Cricket crew will be holding a fun cricket day for all the schools in the area at Sweeney Reserve. To compete on the day, all school’s must have at least one team consisting of eight players.
Our school is entering 4 teams. This is my second time taking part in this competition. I’m very excited!