National Young Leaders Day



On the 24th of Feb, all the leaders of Melbourne went to The National Young Leaders Day at the Melbourne convention centre. Leaders from Berwick Lodge went to the train station at 7 am and got on the train.Once we got there we got a great spot at the front and we were ready for the show to begin. Many leaders spoke like Mike Matin. Who is the executive director of the Halogen Foundation. He’s main point was nothing great, cool or long lasting ever starts out that way. I think he’s point meant that successes needs to be earn from hard work.

Next speaker was John Marsden who is an author. He’s written many great books like Tomorrow when the war began. He’s main point was ( speak like YOU, never use any expression that you have seen or used before). He also said language has no rules, it’s like play dough you can stretch it.

It was a really great and FUN day and we all learnt a lot about how to make us a better person and leader.

By Yasmin


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