Yasmin’s Divisonal Swimming

On the 12th of March 7 students from Berwick Lodge Primary School went to Noble Park swimming pool to compete in the Divisonal swim races. The students that went were, Brodie, Daniel, Blake, Joel ( the relay team) and John  who did breaststroke, Liam  who did freestyle and butterfly, also Blake did freestyle and backstroke and I did freestyle and backstroke.

The day started by driving there with butterflys in our tummies. Once we arived there we sat down in our area. The relays went first, then the freestyle. Blake, Liam and I went to marshel. Liam went first and came 1st, then Blake, and then me. I came 2nd ! I was so happy. I swam my hardest and got a great result. Then Blake and I went to do backstroke. I came 4th only by a few seconds!

Then John did breaststroke and Liam did Butterfly. Liam came 1st again so only Liam went through, but all of us went home knowing we tried our very best. Also a big thak you to Miss Craig and Liam’s Mum for driving and supervising us for the day.

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