Drug Education!

For four weeks grade 5W, 5G and 56N did a drug education session about how to use and have good drugs like Panadol and lots of other good drugs. but bad drugs like cocaine and lots more. I now know that having to many good drugs can be to bad for you. There are many different types of drugs, but some of them have to be prescribed to you in case of emergency, if you have a prescribed medicine or good drug and have it if you are not needing them it can make you sick again. We also learnt  about cigarets and how they are bad for you, we watched some cigaret ads, and they have made me scared of cigarets. We were assigned to do a poster about how cigarets are bad for you, I couldn’t do it because we were moving to my Nan’s house until our new house was built.

I hope you have enjoyed my little recap on drug education.  Bye 🙂

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