5W Kinder Visit

On Thursday 17th October, 5w went on a visit to Timbarra Kindergarten. Each student was allocated a kinder buddy (or two) for the day. I was looking after two cousins.

At 11:30, we started walking to Timbarra Kindergarten. If you have ever been to Parkhill Plaza, it is nearby. You go past the inter section, down the road and turn into the kinder. We walked, but followed the same route. The kinder is joined on to a community centre, with what I believe was a school near by. We started walking and it took us roughly 7.5 minutes to walk there.

When we arrived a the kinder, we were buddied up. I was buddied up with Ben and Jordan. We started off with painting, however they soon decided they wanted to go outside. We played with lego, went on an obstacle course and finally they made up their mind and went into the sandpit, and we played there for the rest of the visit, making sandcastles and throwing sand (I was the one getting hit!).

Overall, I think it was a grate bonding experience and can’t wait for our next visit. I think Berwick Lodge Primary School have formed a great bond with Timbarra Kindergarten .


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