On the 25th of  October  i went to the school fete i had so much fun. There was snow cones,fairy floss,popcorn and much more i went on the slide and some rides with Shehara,Cathryn and Sasha

i had a really fun time because this was my first fete

5W’s Timbara kindagarden visit

On thursday the 17th  grade 5w went to timbara kindergarden. Everyone got paired up with a little kinder kid. My buddy’s name was Emily. She was so cute. I  followed  my buddy around. The best thing that I did was make a gaint race course with Emily. We had so much fun and I hope we all go there again. I was sad to go and I didn’t want to say goodbye.

5W kindagarten visit

On the 17th of October 2013 we went to see the kindergarten chilldren. When we got there we got partnered up with kindergarten kids but I didn’t know my buddy’s name but I got along with my buddy very well. Soon we had to go but first he did a little panting and he put my name on it as well. Now it was time to go so I said bye and we left to go back to school.

5W Kinder Visit

On Thursday the 17th of October, 5W walked to to Timbarra Kindergarden. Everyone got buddied up with someone and they spent the whole time they were there together.

At 11:30am 5W started to walk down to the kindregarden. We left to go back to our school at around 1:00pm and got back at 1:15.

My Kinder buddie’s name is Ruby. We did a lot of things together such as, draw pictures of each other, play out side on the aquipment, make some puzzles and play some board games, paint on a huge peice of paper(the painting was amazing) and build with blocks!!!

In the end, when we had to leave, I dont think the little kids wanted to leave us, because we had so much fun all together!!!

Here is a photo of Ruby and I washing our hands after painting our beautiful picture:

We had a fantastic time!!!!!!!


Terrfic Tuesdays

On Teusdays grades 3 to 5 have this thing called Terrfic Tuesdays . I am in science and today we did the exploding lunchbox . Way you do it is that you put a cup full of vineger , half of a cup of  , put a tissue to make the cimical reacson slow down , then you put bi-carbe soda and then guickly put it down on the ground and then it will blow up the bag then it will pop the bag. And that what we did today and what i am in.

5W Kinder Visit!!

On Thursday the 17 th October we went to kinder to see some little cuties. We left the school at 11:30 and got back at 1:15, in the time that we had there we partned up with some kids and  went outside, inside, outside, inside.

And then finally stayed outside we raced around and did not stop we played in the sand pit as well. We made a sand castle and then stood on it.We went on the running track but i got beaten that was sad.


Kinda Visit

On Thursday the 17th a few kids from 5W went to Timmbarra primary school my buddy was Julien. There was lots of things to do but one of Julien’s favorite was jumping onto the big mat we all had fun and I hope we see them again

Kinder visit

On the 17th of October we went to Timbarra kindagarten.  The teachers chose kinder buddies for us and I got a girl buddie named Rachelle. She said her favourite things to do at the kindagarten were draw, paint and play outside in the sandpit. she also said she has two sisters. I look forward to seeing Rachelle next time.



Kinder Visit

On Thursday 16th of October grade 5W had a trip to Timbarra Kindergarten, we each got paired up with either one or two buddies from the kindergarten. My buddy was called Rhiannon (I think thats how you spell her name) we had a lot of fun together, my favourite thing I did with her was probably being in the sandpit. Hopefully we can go there again, I really enjoyed the kinder visit!!