Film Festival 2013: Recount

Hello everyone, toda I am posting about the film Festival that was on last night. Enjoy! 😀

On the 16th September 2013, Berwick Lodge Primary School held their fifth annual Film Festival at the Dandenong Drum Theartre. Almost everyone came to the festival and the night was a great success.

We had to get dressed up fancy and as soon as we arrived, we had to walk the red carpet. This is not somnething I enjoyed doing, as all the teachers in the 5/6 area were taking pictures of me. I do not like having my picture taken. Anyway, soon an announcement came twlling us to begin getting seated. I was in row F with my prents, grandparents and sister. The first film was Zero. My film was fourth. We watched all the films and they were all excellent. There were zombie horror films, Sci-Fi films, video game films and historical films. At the end Mrs Naismith gave a speech and announced the trophy winners. I was one of the people who won a trophy in my grade. there were only two trophys handed out per film. They also handed out some certificates to other people.

Overall, I think the night was a great success. My favourite films were The Aliens of Berwick Lodge by 6K and When the Lights go Out by 5T. Again, I really enjoyed the night and cannot wait for next years. Bye!

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