Film Festival

This is one of the photos of the film festival thats me been the “miner”,Nick as “Govenor Hotham” and Lachlan as the “Body Guard” of Govenor Hotham.

The film festival is very good.

My favourite thing was to be able to where my farm clothes so that was fun and having a pick in my hand was good to.

The process of the film fest was very simple we toke the photos and added the the music and credits.And then hay presto.Where done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

film festival

Hi guys my name is Charlie. I am going to tell you what i was in for the film festval. I was a miner in the eureka stockade and a number 7 in Zero. In are class we did piture storys. How we made it. We had to stay still and then they will take are piture. In zero there was a green screen and we needed to llay down.

And that was how we made the film festival and what i bwas in.

film festival

16th of septemper the grade five and sixes films they made was shown in the drum Theartre. Our film was Zero. I was the main charater in Zero with Alisha. my favorite moveies were when the lights go out and the aliens of berwick lodge. Before we saw all this great movies we had to walk the red carpet. I love dressing up in my fancey dresses.   here is two

Making the Film Festival Movie Zero

When we had to make our film festival movie about the book zero we spent a lot of timje on the computersw and a lot of time in the L.E.E.P room. I was the audio editor and I was also the number eight in the photo story. It took a long time to get everything done but i’m sure everything turned out right when it was showed on the night. Unfortunatly I didn’t get to go on the night but I did get a trophie and some other people did get some as well. The other people in my class who got an award were: Josh.D, Aimee, Chantelle, Nick, Lachlan, Chloe and Gemma. The hardest part about movie making was when I was editing the audio the we had recorded and it took me 2 days to finish!

I really enjoyed making the movie for Film Festival!



Film Festival 2013: Recount

Hello everyone, toda I am posting about the film Festival that was on last night. Enjoy! 😀

On the 16th September 2013, Berwick Lodge Primary School held their fifth annual Film Festival at the Dandenong Drum Theartre. Almost everyone came to the festival and the night was a great success.

We had to get dressed up fancy and as soon as we arrived, we had to walk the red carpet. This is not somnething I enjoyed doing, as all the teachers in the 5/6 area were taking pictures of me. I do not like having my picture taken. Anyway, soon an announcement came twlling us to begin getting seated. I was in row F with my prents, grandparents and sister. The first film was Zero. My film was fourth. We watched all the films and they were all excellent. There were zombie horror films, Sci-Fi films, video game films and historical films. At the end Mrs Naismith gave a speech and announced the trophy winners. I was one of the people who won a trophy in my grade. there were only two trophys handed out per film. They also handed out some certificates to other people.

Overall, I think the night was a great success. My favourite films were The Aliens of Berwick Lodge by 6K and When the Lights go Out by 5T. Again, I really enjoyed the night and cannot wait for next years. Bye!

Flim Festival

On Mondy the 16th of september we had the grade 5/6 Film Festival held at the Drum Thearate. When we were walking in there was a red carpet and you got to have a picture taken with a trophie.

When we got into the Tharate we got a intro and then we watched the films and Zero our film was played first and it was fantastic. In the end Ruby, Josh.D.,Aimee and Chantelle got the trophies and Nick,Lachlan,Chloe and Gemma. But all up it was a great night and we all had FUN!!!!!!

Film Festival!

On the 16th September, most of the berick lodge kids and there familys-thats including me and my dad-attended to the film festival held in the Drum Theatre.

On the night, when you arrive, at 6:30-7:00, children and maybe parents were able to walk “The Red Carpet”, and of course take photos of familys and friends when we’re all dressed up in cloths only for special occasion.

Next, we were called up by the speakers to sit in our seats because the show was starting.

At the sart of the show, Mrs Naismith was introducign the point of Film Festival, after she talked about film festival, Mrs Brenna went up on stage too to say a few words.

It was enough talking now, and Mrs Brenna as well as Mrs Naismith went off the stage and the films/digital story started rolling. Suprisingly, guess whose film/digital story was first to show, my grades, although it wasn’t the digital story I was doing.

After the films were done showing, all the grade 5/6 teachers handed out awards. Even though I didn’t work hard enough to earn a trophie, I earned a certificate of excellence.

When the show was over, we all went home. Personally, I liked the night, it was great fun, and my favourite film i saw was 5T’s “Operation, Save The World”.

Film Festival

We have arrived!

Our dresses!

On Monday the 16 of September our school had a film festival. It was so much fun. When I arrived I walked down the red carpet with one of my friends. We had both loved the night and I loved al the movies so much they are all my favourite! I was so happy when they called out my name to get a award, I was so shocked! I am really proud of myself for doing all the things I did. I reallly wanted everybody in my group to get one becuase we all did extryly well. Josh D also got an award, I think he too did very well! I hope everybody that was in the movie and behind the scences were proud of themselvese.

Film Festival 2013

I had such an awesome time last night at the film festival. I enjoys watching all the films and preparing our films. I really liked doing the green screen. The red carpet was really fun it made me feel famous lol. I enjoyed seeing my friends all dressed up they looked really good. Inthe film I was number 6 with Sasha. I went with my mum, my two brothers and my friend Ardiya.