Book Bag Project

On the 22nd of August the grade 5/6s had a book bag project expo. I was shearing a table with Chloe. We both had done so much work we both needed another table! All of the grades got to go around and see the other grades projects.

It was so much fun, everybodys projects were amazing! I coulden’t believe the time and  effort that was put into the projects. I was very proud of mine and I hope the other students were too.









Group 4 Radio Show

On the 21st of August grade 5w group 4 did our very first radio show. It was so fun and nervracking. I had a really fun afternoon. My favourite part about radio show was being on radio and making our riffs and coming up with our song!

Group 4 Radio Show

On the 21st of August group 4 (my group) had radio show. The people in my group were Gemma, Sasha, Billy and Isaac. Radio show was an awesome expeirience for me and I’m looking forward to next year to do it again. Two of our topics we talked about were Homeless Persons Week and Cupcake Day. The people we interviewed were Miss Craig, Miss Montgomery and Laren from the RSPCA. Radio Show goes for an hour and started at 2:00 and finished at 3:00.

On the 21 of August

My group had Radio Show. We got to go on the radio. It was a big experience for me because I have never been on the radio before but luckily  I had some friends helping me do it called Billy, Sasha, Gemma and Cathryn. they were really good teamates. I hope they had as much fun as I did.

Radio show!

Radio show

On the 21st of August Cathryn, Sasha, Gemma, Isacc and me all went on radio. Berwick Lodge Student Hour. It was lots of fun I was a  bit nervous but overall we all enjoyed it!. There was lots of fun music and some great interviews and getting to know each other a bit better. 🙂

Radio Show Group 4 Reflection

Last week on the 21st of August I had Radio Show. It was such a great expirience and I can’t wait until next year to do it again! The  people in my group was Gemma, Cathryn, Billy, Isaac and myself. We talked about many things but one of the things we talked about was Homeless Persons Week. I enjoyed talking about that and finding information about Homeless Persons Week, also I learnt some interesting information about it. We also read a story, the book we chose to read was Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partraige. I think that book was a really good book to read.