Duke of Edinborough award…

Hi evreyone,

Lately I have been doing the Duke of Edinborough Compass award.

The compass award is something where you do a certain amout of hours in different things like physical  activities, hobbies, volunteering and exploration I have done all of them.

It is a good program to get you better jobs and help your life.

So I encourage you to try and do this.. This is a link to there website….


dreamtime stores

How Tassie  Devils got their teeth

Before time began there were Tassie devils. Tassie devils had black fur, black tails with little red tips on the end of them, black ears and red eyes.  One day there was a Tassie devil  just walking in the park having fun with his friends. But that day people with spears ran at them and they were throwing  spears at all of them. The Tassie devils ran for their lives. Luckily one got home safely. The next day he didn’t see his friends but the people were there and they threw their spears in his mouth where they got stuck. And that’s how Tassie devils got their teeth .

Camp Coonawarra! by Josh carey

We finaly arived at the camp after siting on the bus for a long time I was very glad and very hungry. Wen we got off the bus we had lunch I didn’t have any lunch I was very sad but when I saw the view I got really happy have a look.

My first activite was giant games. I played giant four in a row with Charlie and I kept winning because I am the champion. here do you want to have a look.