Adventure Island Project

Hi guys, just writing to tell you what I did yesterday, a special project about different islands, enjoy! 😀

So, for grade 5/6 students who don’t go on camp, they are given this assignment about different real life islands For the first part we have to research them and provide information like the population, area, namesake and official language. For the second part we have to invent our own undiscovered islands. The islands I researched for the first part were Tristan Da Cunha, Madagascar, Tahiti and Tenerife (in the Canary Islands).

After researching them and filling in the boxes we had to do a graph showing the population differences. I tossed up doing a pie graph or a line graph, but they would both take too long, so I setteled on a bar graph. It wasn’t very accurate, as the differences were 264 to 22,005,222. Very inaccurate!


For the second part we had to create our own ‘adventure island’ that was undiscovered for many years. We had to sketch it, place it on a map, describe the flora and fauna and also design a ‘friend’ that you would meet if you washed up on the shores of the island.. I placed my island near Bermuda. This was why it had remained undisovered for many years. I also decided on making my island inhabited, although apart from my ‘friend’ they were completely hostile. the plant life was mostly normal, with many aquatic plants. My animal life consisted of a new bird species, a bear/wolf hybrid, a cave mite infestation and a……….well something that looked like a blob on two legs.

I also had to write a short story (one page) about what it would be like to wash up on shore and another about what it would be like to get in an adventure. In the first one I was captured by monks, and in the second my friend helped me escape. I also had to design and colour a flag for my island.

Once done, I had to sketch the flags of the islands I researched. The flag of Tristan Da Cunha was rather hard to draw, as it was very complicated. Madagascars flag was by far the easiest. I really enjoyed all the research that had to be done.

Overall, I rather enjoyed the project, although it was meant to take three days, I completed it in one day, but have much more to keep me occupied, bye! 😀

 Small palm tree

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