first fleet the trip

august 10th 1787

weve been on this ship for four months and two people have already died the place is horrible at the start everyone was horrible scared but now there just scared if there gonna live or die i wish i didnt stal that slice of bread but it was for my two children i wish i could see my childrens faces.

august 11th 1787

i just woke up im waiting for my breakfast (bread) i can hear the kids in the cage a couple cages awaythere screaming and trying and trying to get out i would be very up set if i was sent away from my family that age. Someome died last night from sea sickness when you on this ship you feel like your faiding away each dayifeel sorry for his four children. Its lunch time that means we have off or rotten meat its truley distgusting in here its cramped,off food,everyone nearly dies of sea sickness,you only have a bucket for a toilet and they never empty it out it smells horrible  i wish i was in england with my family.

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