The First Fleet Narrative: A Captain’s Log.

Day 1: Departure

We left Portsmouth today, well-stocked with plenty of rations. We should be quite safe with Sirius around, those convicts could cause trouble though.

 Wrote Captain Arthur Philip as he watched over the open sea. Raising his head from his book, he went out on the front deck for some fresh air.


Day 2: Supplies

Okay, I will not be writing each day, those convicts are proving quite a handful. Although I don’t wish to flog any just yet, they would have to thieve to deserve that.

 Captain Philip heard a loud bang below decks. He quickly rushed below decks to see one of the convicts had gotten hold of a musket. “Stop! Put down that gun!” shouted Captain Philip. “Guards, relieve him of his weapons!” “Yes captain, right away!” The guards grabbed the convict and took the musket. “You are under arrest in the name of the king!” The first guard said. The convict replied gruffly “Hey, it wasn’t my fault, I was just grabbin’ me some food an’ some’n threw a musket at me, I was just trying to get rid of it!” The guards both said “Save it for the judge!” They dragged the convict away to a solitary cell.

Day 3: Discipline

As those convicts have been stirring up enough trouble, it seems I will be forced to silence some of them. With either a flogging or hanging. It would be very unfortunate if I was forced to put in the second option.

Some of the convicts are behaving acceptably, they may only have to endure mining and road-building. Some may be set free, perhaps even a reduced sentence, but NOT that mischievous thief. He stole a gun, three pieces of bread and ‘accidentally’ killed two cattle. He will be either given two-hundred flogs, or be hung. I don’t wish to be forced to hang him, but I’m not the judge.


Day 4: Madness!

Alright, that’s it! These convicts are driving me mad! I’ve already flogged fifty-two of them, and hung five! This can’t go on for much longer. The punishment some will endure will be more than they ever imagined. We are rather close to the Canary Islands, they can all be left there as much as I care!



Captain Philip tried to leave many convicts on the islands. Some jumped overboard, others took bred and ran. Captain Philip was furious. The recount of his events end here.

By Josh.D

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