The MUDDY CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 19th of June to the 21st of June, We went  to camp Coonawarra out near my home,Bairnsdale…

It was a very muddy camp but we all loved it. My boots on the first day where brown as brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a photo of the horse yard…

Here is a picture of the view from the assembly yard…

5w if you are able to do a quick comment on your most favourite thing at camp could you post a comment……Nathan





Camp Coonawarra grade 5/6

On the 19th of June to the 21st of June some grade 5/6 grades went on school camp. The camp was called Camp Coonawarra. Our instructer’s name was Teagan and she had a dog named buddy. He was so cute! But the first activity I did was the ropes course there was the low ropes and the high ropes I was a bit scared to do the high ropes but I did them anyway. The next activity I did was my favourite one of all the activity’s it was horse riding.

My horses name was bison and he was a really good horse but he took me through a bush once or twice. When we woke up the nextday we did the giant swing and I almost went all the way to the top! The activity my group did next was canoing and you had to walk into the water so it was knee deep and then you could hop in the canoe and we all got so wet! It was so annoying but then we did the flying fox it was so cool, I wanted to do it again but there waser’t any time for a second go.

We did Archery and i was the first one to hit the target but I didn’t get a bulls eye. I really enjoyed camp and the last two activity’s we did on friday were hut building and damper making.

I had so much fun at camp!

Adventure Island Project

Hi guys, just writing to tell you what I did yesterday, a special project about different islands, enjoy! 😀

So, for grade 5/6 students who don’t go on camp, they are given this assignment about different real life islands For the first part we have to research them and provide information like the population, area, namesake and official language. For the second part we have to invent our own undiscovered islands. The islands I researched for the first part were Tristan Da Cunha, Madagascar, Tahiti and Tenerife (in the Canary Islands).

After researching them and filling in the boxes we had to do a graph showing the population differences. I tossed up doing a pie graph or a line graph, but they would both take too long, so I setteled on a bar graph. It wasn’t very accurate, as the differences were 264 to 22,005,222. Very inaccurate!


For the second part we had to create our own ‘adventure island’ that was undiscovered for many years. We had to sketch it, place it on a map, describe the flora and fauna and also design a ‘friend’ that you would meet if you washed up on the shores of the island.. I placed my island near Bermuda. This was why it had remained undisovered for many years. I also decided on making my island inhabited, although apart from my ‘friend’ they were completely hostile. the plant life was mostly normal, with many aquatic plants. My animal life consisted of a new bird species, a bear/wolf hybrid, a cave mite infestation and a……….well something that looked like a blob on two legs.

I also had to write a short story (one page) about what it would be like to wash up on shore and another about what it would be like to get in an adventure. In the first one I was captured by monks, and in the second my friend helped me escape. I also had to design and colour a flag for my island.

Once done, I had to sketch the flags of the islands I researched. The flag of Tristan Da Cunha was rather hard to draw, as it was very complicated. Madagascars flag was by far the easiest. I really enjoyed all the research that had to be done.

Overall, I rather enjoyed the project, although it was meant to take three days, I completed it in one day, but have much more to keep me occupied, bye! 😀

 Small palm tree

Update Post

Hi, just writing to give you all an update on what has been happening in class, enjoy! 😀

Ok, so a few classes have already gone on camp, and a few are already back, my class isn’t. I didn’t really want to go to camp this year, so I am in 5T for today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday).

We also had our ‘Buddy Day’ recently. It is a national day ran by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. It was on two weeks ago, on a Friday, but that was our report writing day (no students at school) so we ran it on the Wednesday. We got to sit down with our buddy grade (3M) and eat a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed Donut. They were very delicious. I really enjoyed the day.

We have also begun our radio show, our scripts are coming along nicely and we are a 1/4 of the way finished. we aren’t doing a book role-play, instead we are discussing movies. We also have a news segment, we  are discussing robotics and the new sports teacher.

Speaking of robotics, I (and 14 other students) have entered the competition. It is through the school, and the competition is called RoboCup Rescue. We have to program the robot to follow a winding black line, and rescue a aluminium can (by rescue I mean knock it over and out of a ‘green zone’). We can’t have any parts of our robot to pick up the aluminium can, only ram into it. Our school is submitting three teams, A, B and C. There are five students per team, although a few of our students are going to Singapore at the time, so there might be less, although there might be some substitutes instead.

Well I should be wrapping this up, so thanks everyone for reading this update, I will be posting some more projects on my blog, as I know I have been dormant for quite some time, and I will aim to put that to an end soon.

Bye! 😀


On Saturday I had a Basketball game, our team is called berwick bolts, we versed the rowville rockets The score was 24 to 10 in our faveour. Me and Max got the mc donalds award. We had a great game I also got some nba shorts we allplayed well


first fleet the trip

august 10th 1787

weve been on this ship for four months and two people have already died the place is horrible at the start everyone was horrible scared but now there just scared if there gonna live or die i wish i didnt stal that slice of bread but it was for my two children i wish i could see my childrens faces.

august 11th 1787

i just woke up im waiting for my breakfast (bread) i can hear the kids in the cage a couple cages awaythere screaming and trying and trying to get out i would be very up set if i was sent away from my family that age. Someome died last night from sea sickness when you on this ship you feel like your faiding away each dayifeel sorry for his four children. Its lunch time that means we have off or rotten meat its truley distgusting in here its cramped,off food,everyone nearly dies of sea sickness,you only have a bucket for a toilet and they never empty it out it smells horrible  i wish i was in england with my family.

Diary of being a convict

July 1787 “We have been here for two months now”. “The food is disgusting and its filled with maggots not to mention the waters so bad lots of people are dying”. “Then they cuck them overboard”.

August 1787 “I’m just eating some meat now hopefully it doesn’t have maggots in it”. “First bite …”.” Yum its delicious”!. “Second bite… “ . “Yuck maggots”!!. “ I guess there was no reason to keep that”. ”So I cucked that out”.

December 1787 “Lots of people are dying  right now so yeah”. ‘ I ‘ll be lucky if I make it “.

January 1788 “’I’m trying to on until the last person go’s so I can go to the toilet “.” So we are scheduled to arrive tomorrow so hopefully I don’t’ get very sick and die soon “. “I also got eighty lashes yesterday for sealing necklaces and that’s why I’m on this  boat”.

The End!!!

The Arrival

It’s now the 26th of july 1788 we all saw these animals no the land and I did not like the smell in the ship. I saw the sea and I saw the weirdest people ever. Well all of  us have been on board for lots of miles and miles and I felt sick and there are strange people too. It’s really bad here because of the food is os disgusting and the toilet is in the bush is os disgusting. I shouldn’t of taken the handkerchief from that guy.

My recent storey of Western Australia…

Western Australia


One day Joel ,Crossy and me went to Western Australia

To do a big job for a new building project.


So we got to Western Australia to do a very big

Scraping job, to earn some very big money

Joel  was working in a d-11 twin power ,Crossy

was driving a d-2  1 power. the buckets to catch the

dirt are at least 3meters dip and 2meters wide.

MINE WAS A BIG Kamatsuo  D-34 its buckets

Were 4 meters by  3 meters.


That  afternoon  I ran out of fuel x x x  So then

I had to go and get 500L of fuel the coast

Was about $600.


It was 40co I had to hurry UP because  all three

Ours were getting moved with some BIG T908

Ken worth  trucks we all had to do the loading and the

Driving. For mine they had to bring a BIG 10 wheeler

Trailer  and 6 tractor  wheels.


When we got to Mackay  in Calen for a stop  to do some

In a river it was full of lots of fish. We did not catch any



So then we jumped into the trucks and went to New

South wales in the topper  end to fill the trucks up with

Some foul to get to Victoria.


when we got to Vic ,we went to Bairnsdale to

do a big dam that is 30 meters dip for a water

system. And then we went to South Australia.


When we got to South Australia, we had to

do some big, big  roads for CATERPILLER.

So that meant  all three SCRAPERS had to be

in a line.

And then we got to Western Australia all the people

From there were when we got just into Western Australia

All the people were there saying “welcome home guys

And then we sore our family they were so happy

We jumped out of the trucks and  hugged  them they were very happy!!!! THE END