Student Blogging Challenge

1. Art is one of favourite topic’s to do for this challenge because I have always loved all types of art. It is fun when you do it, because you can create whatever you want like a cartoon or realistic.

2. Also another topic is tennis, I love to play tennis because my mum used to play.  Now I have followed in her footsteps and I love to play it now just like she does.

3.  Science is another thing I am inerested in because my family we watch a TV show called muthbusters and I love all experiments that they do because some are small and some are masive but for my birthday I got one of their experiment kits and I have still not done it but I hope to make it soon.

4. I love to play in my tree house because my Dad also put a Firemen pole in,  my sister and I have so much fun when we play in the treehouse because we have a huge black board in it.

5.  Guitar is another thing that I like to do because my Dad also used to play the guitar and now I have started lessons at school with some friends  so I don’t feel   awkward.

6.  Riding my bike is an other thing that I do with my family sometimes and we go down too the school and we ride on the basketball courts and in the court yards and we have so much fun and we go really fast as well.

7.  Also I love to read books as well, I love to read chapter books and all other types of  books but like to read a series of books because it takes longer to finish it and it makes more interesting and fun.8. Gardening is another thing I like to do outside when it’s not raining but when I get the chance to I love to plant all different kinds of big and small plants.

9. Playing on my Ipad is probably one of the most favourite things I like to do in  my spare time and what I like to do on it is download apps, watch music videos, play minecraft, update my blog! The list is endless!

10. Keeping my own pets is another one of my hobbies. What I have right know is two goldfish that my sister named Spounge Bob and Patrick. They are very well behaved because they don’t do much but swim around!


Student Blogging Challenge 6: Digital Footprint

Hi, this week I am writing about being a responsible online citizen, enjoy!

The internet is becoming an ever-increasing part of a child’s life and honestly, being a child myself I agree although it is fun, it can also be dangerous . I did activity 5 for the Student Blogging Challenge 6. It was to play this online game on Digizen about cyberbullying, I quite enjoyed it, and got a good score in my opinion, although some of the choices you have to make are quite challenging. I found myself thinking about who to ask questions to many times. I also looked around on the website and found many useful resources, but I had hardly enough time to look at all of them. I will provide a link to the game at the end of the post.

In my opinion, being an online citizen of any type just means using a device linked to the internet, even if you never use the internet feature. I also think that being a responsible online citizen means respecting anyone’s choices online and offline. Some tips about digital citizenship are:

  • Always make sure that you only open e-mails, texts or any type of message if it is from someone you know or a company you trust. If you receive a hoax or bullying e-mail or text that you report it to a teacher, parent or adult you can trust.
  • Always treat someone online the same way that you would treat them in real life, and also if you witness cyberbullying, don’t just stand there, do something about it like tell a teacher, parent or adult you trust.
  • Also, never post a picture of someone online without their consent.

These are but a few tips to being responsible online.

Student Blogging Challenge : 6

Digizen Game


Student Blogging Challenge 9: Game Week

Hi, here is the post I have been most looking forward to, game week!!! Enjoy!

I had to play two different sorts of games, although they were both about commenting. The first game I played was called ‘Count Out Three’. You had to visit a blog from the student list and count one. Then visit a blog from their blogroll and count two. Then visit a blog from that blogroll. Leave a comment on the last blog. The first blog was called Will’s Wacky Blog. I followed a link to the second blog. The second blog was called Sophie’s Zone of Uber Awesome Wacky Stuff. From there I found the third blog. The third blog was called Heidi wildlife lovers. I left a comment there. I repeated this process twice more afterwards

The second game was to visit a mentor’s blog and leave a comment on one of their posts. You also have to answer a question in the comment. I had to do this twice. I visited learning2gether and themiddlematters. These blogs both have very interesting posts. I highly recommend checking them out. The blogs also had links to different posts on the blog and you have to mention three posts that you found interesting during the blogging challenge, here they are.

The first is one that is one that I wrote. It is for Challenge 6: Digital Citizenship, the second was featured on learning2gether. It was called Cardboard Challenge, where a kid named Caine makes his own arcade out of cardboard, and it goes viral in days. The third is featured on themiddlematters and is called My Story. It is wrote by Simon, an eleven year old boy. It is in my opinion the best one and he even was lucky enough to be noticed by an author. I have now bookmarked the blog, as it is very exciting in terms of the content.

I really enjoyed the Student Blogging Challenge.

Posts I commented on for the games. (look for Josh.D if you want to find them).

First Game:

Heidi Wildlife Lovers

Jordan’s Extremely Awesome Blog

Joe’s Epic Blog

Second Game:



Blogging Challenge:

Student Blogging Challenge: 9

Digital citenship

When you are on the Internet you have to be really careful with what you say and personal information. For example  information like…..

Where you live, photos of yourself and your contacts.

Only add people that you know. There could be a creep out there that is trying to be you or is pretending to be someone else like a little kid.

Don’t give away information about where you live. There are some people out there that will actually come to your house or send you hate mail.

DO NOT take pictures of yourself because once you put it on the Internet it’s lost forever and you can’t get it back and deleting it from your post will still mean it’s out there. It’s also important to keep your identity hidden.




Challenge 6 – Activity 5



Tomorrow on Wednesday the 8th of May, the grades 5’s and 6’s are going to Coal Creek. We get to bring 10 dollars or less to spend at the gift shop on boiled lollies and other suveniers. I’m not sure what we are going to do there but I think we are going to have lots of fun. I’m really excited to go there and I want the day to come quickly.


Student Blogging Challenge 6 Digital Footprints

I think it is important to be careful on the Internet because you don’t always know who is on the other end.Especially if you are on Facebook or Twitter because if you don’t set it on private everyone can see it.

I am not on any of the above but if I was I would only be friends with the people that I know face to face. I agree to be a good citizen on the computer on not be friends with people I don’t know face to face.

I think it is good to post positive things on the Internet because of cyber bullying.



Hello I am the narrator, today I will tell you about a story that happened a long time ago”.

Our story began at a school where our soon to be hero Moch was working on a project with his friend Josh, they were both  ten years of age Josh was a little bit smaller. ”I don’t think this this is going to work Josh”. Said Moch. “Oh it will all right !”.said Josh courageously.(narrator: “I’m sorry but I forgot to say what they were working on Moch and Josh were making a Go-kart for a big race on Wednesday.)  “Maybe our test driver should be Endy!” Endy was a purple dragon brought back to life as a baby by Josh. “Ten seconds till Go-kart launch ,over!”  “countdown started 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, LAUNCH !!!!!” Yelled Moch and Josh simultaneously. The Go-kart went speeding down the hill “ARRRREEEE!!!!” screamed Endy when he reached the bottom of the hill and into the dark forest. “We better go and get him!” “your right Moch, let’s go!”  So they both went down to get Endy, but the only thing that was there was Endy turned to stone… “W-w-what did this to Endy?!” stammered Moch “I –I-I don’t know L.” Said Josh with a frown. Then there was a rustle in the trees, then in a split second Josh disappeared “JOSH!!!!” screamed Moch, then after a couple of minutes of  searching a stone statue fell from the sky Moch imminently recognised the statue it was J0osh! (narrator: “Moch has special abilities like fire, water, ice, earth, and lightning but he likes to use fire a lot”) “Now I’m raged!” said Moch with his hand on fire. Then he saw another stone statue behind Josh that looked like a human but with wings and horns. Moch imminently new that it was a   gargoyle “Did you do this to my friends!?” said Moch (narrator: now Moch also has  another ability called dark fire it is an evil cures that Moch got when he was a baby.) now surrounded by purple fire. They both had a big battle. “now I don’t want to tell you about the battle because there was a little gour” said the narrator. Moch won the battle and the gargoyle swore that Moch would not be able to turn his friends back Moch said he wasn’t telling the truth but Moch found that out the hard way. L he stayed with his friends until the end of his life!!!!!!