Somers Camp 2012

We got to school, excited about what we are going to do on this camp. Packed our stuff in our bus, and got ready for what was going to be a great camp. It took us 45 minutes to arrive at the camp, i expected it to be way longer but it wasnt, When we arrived all of the Somers Staff welcomed us into the camp. We got out of the bus and played on the asphalt while they got off all our luggage. Once they got all our luggage off we got our bags and took it to the huts and unpacked our clothes and gear and put it into draws. Once we done that it was about 3 ‘O’ clock. I was a bit sad there was no acitvities for today. We had to arrive at the dining room about 4:45 but it took about 20 minutes to actually eat dinner because they talked to us about what we are going to do on the camp and what was for dinner i was really excited for what we are doing tomorrow. We got up on the first day of doing activities, and found out what we will be doing for the day. I was hoping not to do any high ropes or anything because i wanteed to save best till last. We met our group leader he’s name is Chris, he was great. if you ever needed help through out the camp he was always there to help you out when you needed it. He was our Papa bear, and also m&m cookie monster at night. He  also read you books at night, he was great to us. chris, chose our bedding arrangements for the nine days heading our way.

Wacky Wednesday

On Wacky Wednesday I went to the music room and had lot of fun because we where making paper mache with balloons and they will be used for bread rolls for the mimes in Wakakirri and I was playing with the balloons, I nearly past out because the pump was broken and we had to try and blow them up ourselves. It was really fun.

MCG excursion Imagin

A few weeks ago we went to the MCG for a 5/6 excursion .

In the MCG museum there was Olympic objects that were used for different sports.these objects were things like the different shoes that the runners wore and also Cathy freemans yellow running suit that she wore .

I also got to hold the Olympic torch that was used in the 2006 Olympics. It was really heavy and really special too.

we got to step on the MCG grass and have a look around the hole MCG .

I never new that there was a library in the MCG did you .

from Imagin 6W